National Heritage Board of Poland

The National Heritage Board of Poland (Polish: Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa NID) is a Polish governmental institution responsible for the objects considered most important to the nation's cultural heritage.[1][2]

Heritage lists

The institute administers the National Heritage Site lists according to the Ordinance No 32 of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Poland), passed on December 23rd, 2010.[2] The objects protected include A) immoveable sites, B) moveable objects, and C) archeological monuments.[2] These three basic types are classed into three levels of National Heritage Sites, which are firstly the List of World Heritage Sites of Poland, secondly the list of Historical Monuments, which are sites named by the Prime Minister, and thirdly, the list of cultural heritage.[2]

The institute also keeps a list of national parks protected by the "law article paragraph 16 on the protection of monuments and the guardianship of monuments dated 23 July 2003".[3]

Other activities

The institute organizes the European Heritage Days in Poland, as well as conducting research on heritage preservation.

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