National Examiner

The National Examiner is a supermarket tabloid owned by American Media, Inc. AMI's Chief Content Officer, Dylan Howard, oversees the publication.[1][2]

National Examiner
Cover of National Examiner (23 June 2014)
Chief Content OfficerDylan Howard
CategoriesSupermarket tabloid
CompanyAmerican Media, Inc.
Based inNew York City

The Examiner has the fewest pages and is the least expensive tabloid in American Media's portfolio; it aims for an older audience. While its sister publications focus on more current content (such as the National Enquirer's focus on celebrity news and Globe's political and culture stories), the Examiner focuses on longer-standing stories featuring older (sometimes deceased) celebrities. Also prominently featured among the Examiner's stories are articles on daytime television.

National Examiner was owned by the Globe Communications until 1999 when American Media acquired it and its sister publication Globe.[3] The magazine was based in Boca Raton, Florida until September 10, 2015 when it moved to New York City.[4]

Like other tabloids, its contents have often come under question, and it has been derided for its sensationalistic writing.

There is no website for the Examiner.[5]

On April 18, 2019, AMI agreed to sell the Examiner, along with the National Enquirer and Globe, to Hudson Group.[6][7]


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