National Consensus Forces

National Consensus Forces (NCF) is a coalition of political parties in Sudan that opposed the rule of the National Congress Party, and was initially formed to stand against the NCP in the 2010 Sudanese elections.[1] The chairman of the coalition is Farouk Abu Issa.[2]

National Consensus Forces

تحالف قوى الإجماع الوطني
ChairmanFarouk Abu Issa
FoundedApril 2010 (April 2010)
HeadquartersKhartoum, Sudan
National affiliationForces of Freedom and Change
National Assembly of Sudan
0 / 354
Council of States of Sudan
0 / 50


The Popular Congress Party, the National Umma Party, and the Sudanese Communist Party later signed the Democratic Alternative Charter (DAC) on 4 July 2012, committing themselves to overthrowing the NCP through various peaceful political and popular means and establishing a civil and democratic state.[1] The DAC was signed by 19 opposition parties.[3] The NCF later outlined their plan for a transitional government to lead Sudan in the post-NCP phase. The NCF's plan involves the establishment of a parliament, a presidential council of six members representing six regions after restructuring the current federal system and an executive government of 20 ministers.[2]

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