Natale a New York

Natale a New York (English Translation: Christmas in New York) is a 2006 Italian comedy film directed by Neri Parenti, with Christian De Sica and Massimo Ghini. It is the first film made by Neri Parenti after the artistic separation between Christian De Sica and Massimo Boldi. Despite this it earned $4,138,363 USD its first weekend and has earned over $26,293,647 USD since, proving to be a great success at the box office.[1]. According to Filmauro: "Natale a New York earned US $36,000.000 and was the highest box office result for the 2006 Christmas holidays."[2]. The film was never released in the US and to this date has not yet been released with either English subtitles or distributed in Region 1 format for DVD or Blu-ray Disc play in the US. A Special Edition double DVD in PAL format (DVD Region 2) was also released sometime in 2007 in Italy and Europe containing not only the feature film but a second DVD containing extra behind the scenes footage, five deleted scenes, video from the Premier Event in Italy as well as two 'TV Spot' Trailers. To date this film has not been released on the Blu-ray Disc format.

Natale a New York
Cast Poses for a Press Photo - Sleepy Hollow Country Club,NY
Directed byNeri Parenti
Produced byAurelio De Laurentiis, Luigi De Laurentiis
Written byNeri Parenti, Fausto Brizzi, Marco Martani, Alessandro Bencivenni, Domenico Saverni
StarringChristian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Fabio De Luigi, Sabrina Ferilli, Claudio Bisio
Music byBruno Zambrini
CinematographyDaniele Massaccesi
Edited byLuca Montanari
Release date
  • December 15, 2006 (2006-12-15)
Running time
111 min


During the Christmas holidays, three groups of funny characters depart from Italy to spend the Christmas holiday season in New York City. Camillo (Lillo for short played by Christian De Sica) is a penniless pianist who has the fortune of marrying a rich woman named Milena (Fiorenza Marchegiani). However Lillo, although happy living in comfort with his wife and beautiful dependent daughter Carlotta (Elisabetta Canalis), is still in love with Barbara (Sabrina Ferilli), a beautiful Roman uneducated peasant with whom he had dated years earlier. He must be careful not to break his prenuptial agreement demanded by his father-in-law before he could marry Milena and gain access to her vast fortune. Should he be untrue to Milena he could lose all his marital gains and return to being a poor Musician. A chance meeting reunites Lillo and Barbara and they resume their affair in secret. Barbara, however, is now married to Claudio (Massimo Ghini), a wealthy Doctor, who is also having a secret affair and is in love with Lillo's daughter Carlotta.

Dr. Severino Benci (Claudio Bisio) ships his assistant Filippo Vessato (Fabio De Luigi) to New York with a mandate to deliver an expensive and rare antique Medical Parchment as a gift to his son Francesco (Francesco Mandelli), who studies in the same university in New York City his father graduated from years earlier. Filippo is also to be married that week in New York and is dismayed that his boss, the Doctor, would send him on such a distracting task. But Francesco is a pleasure-loving slacker who doesn't attend classes and partakes in recreational drugs and hosts large parties for his friends. Filippo becomes corrupted by both Francesco and his cousin and fellow underachieving student Paolo Benci (Paolo Ruffini) during this short visit in order to complete his task. He is having fun with them and falls in love with a beautiful College Cheerleader Girl named Sylvia during a psychedelic induced episode at one of Francesco's parties. Filippo ends up covering for the delinquent students and tells Dr. Benci a lie that his son is to receive the 'Student Of The Year' achievement award but Dr. Benci comes to New York to see for himself and soon suspects something is wrong. But Filippo is to marry the love of his life in the days to come... Christmas in New York leads to some more surprises for all parties involved as their lives and situations intersect and crash during their Christmas holiday in New York.



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Deleted Scenes from "Natale A New York" Film (Included on Special Edition DVD Number 2}

1) "In piscina" (By the Pool Somewhere in Italy - perhaps this would have been one of the funniest scenes in the film and shouldn't have been deleted - Christian De Sica at his best - deleted take)

2) "Camera d'Albergo" (Roosevelt Hotel scene with Ghini and Ferilli planning on cheating on each other some more - deleted take)

3) "Jeep" (Governor's Island location as Riverside College - appears to be a scene of the students and Vesato (De Luigi) getting a ride in the Jeep to the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner - deleted take)

4) "Tartaruga" (Marlboro Avenue Brooklyn location - The full un-edited 'reclamation of the wedding ring' scene at the inlaws' Wedding rehearsal dinner party - this version of this scene may have been a bit too graphic for Christmas audiences and this full version of the scene with the Turtle was cut yet is very funny - deleted edit)

5) "Il bacio" ('The Million Dollar Loft' scene as Carlota's parents apartment in New York City - a cute romantic scene with Canalis and Siani ending with a kiss - deleted take)


The film was mostly shot in the New York City Metropolitan area on location and a few scenes were also shot in a soundstage in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Most scenes were filmed in New York State less a few scenes from the start of the film which were shot in Italy earlier in 2006. New York Production started some time in mid to late September and continued through mid November. Post production was done mostly in Italy and was released for Christmas week. The New York locations included (not in order or complete); The Roosevelt Hotel, New York City / Sleepy Hollow Country Club, Scarborough-on-Hudson in Briarcliff Manor,NY / Water's Edge Restaurant, Long Island City, NY / BVLGARI Jewelry, New York City / Governor's Island, New York City / Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY / House Location on Marlboro Road, Brooklyn,NY / Car ride on Queensborough Bridge, New York City / Church of Our Lady of Peace, New York City[3]


The main production core crew were brought in from Italy and spoke mostly in Italian on set although they did direct the NY Union crew in English. A swing gang did some overlap scenes in New York and the earlier scenes in the film were done in Italy by the core crew and local film crew. These include scenes of; Lillo's Mansion, Lillo reuniting with Barbara, Lillo and Barbara cheating together at an apartment as well as the scene with Barbara and her husband on their Yacht.

Cameo Scene Appearance In Another Christmas Film

In the 2011 film 'Vacanze di Natale a Cortina'[4] at approximately 1:31:00 into the film there is a very short clip used from this film depicting Poofy the dog (actually a mechanical stunt double for Poofy) saved from an oncoming truck accident by actor Fabio De Luigi. The cameo scene is viewed by the maid, her boyfriend and dog while watching a Christmas film (Natale a New York) on the television during New Years Eve while they house-sit at their patrons home. This brief or minor cameo scene with Poofy and Fabio De Luigi is an inside joke or a hidden easter-egg[5] for the more astute or devoted cinepanettone[6] fans.

Superstition On Set

(Observations of a crew member) During pre-production and filming there was an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence of superstitious phenomena observed by the Italian and Italian-American crew members and at several of the locations. Those that noticed or experienced this chose not to discuss it with others in the crew. The first incident was an amount of Christmas ornaments ordered for several sets that came in with the unusable color schemes of 'purple' which is traditionally known to be bad luck in Italian culture as well as in Theater and Cinema.[7] These decorations were never used in the film and camera angles were adjusted to diminish the focus on these colors when present or when they could not be avoided. The presence of purple carpeting/decor at several hotel locations including the carpeting in the mezzanine area of the Roosevelt Hotel were also encountered by coincidence as can be seen when Sabrina Ferilli, dressed in a purple dress, walks across the purple carpeting - several onlookers in the crew became concerned during this exhaustively long evening into morning filming of this scene. In those scenes adjusting the camera angles and sets to minimize the actors having to walk across the purple carpeting was not possible. Another coincidence experienced was an out of the ordinary number of black cats seen outside of several New York outdoors locations by crew members at the Marlboro Road House location, Waters Edge location and Sleep Hollow Country Club location. Note: A black cat crosses the path of a car driven by Christian De Sica in a scene from the 2000 release of "Vacanze di Natale 2000"[8] film produced by the same company by coincidence. In one incident the crew encountered 3 people during a very short period of time at a single location alone that displayed the dreaded Italian "occhio storto" or "gli occhi storti" or "strabico"[9] also translated into English as "crooked eye" or "cross-eyed" which in ancient times was also believed to induce or promote bad luck - this is not to be confused with the "evil eye" or "malocchio"[10] which is a similar but a different superstition or curse. At first these encounters were experienced in a humorous way until the frequency of such incidents defied statistical logic or probability as the weeks passed into production. Ultimately no one was hurt or injured at any of the sets or locations and all went well.


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