Narreeman is a fictional character in Flashman, a historical novel by George MacDonald Fraser.

She first appears in the novel as a dancer. Shortly after Flashman meets her, he rapes her. Flashman asserts that Narreeman is the only woman he ever raped. (Although he may have raped an unnamed harem girl in Flashman's Lady.)

Some months later, Flashman is captured along with a sergeant. It appears that she has now married Gul Shah, an Afghan leader. Narreeman nearly castrates him, the traditional treatment of prisoners by Afghan women, but he manages to take her captive during his escape from Gul Shah. Out on the road Flashman prepares to kill the woman but is prevented by his sergeant, who frees her. Narreeman is barely out of Flashman's sight, before he regrets not at least having raped her for a second time.

In Flashman at the Charge, when he later makes a short visit to Afghanistan, it is hinted that he goes out of his way to avoid meeting her, although she is not mentioned by name.


  • George MacDonald Fraser Flashman, Flashman at the Charge
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