Narrandera Shire

Narrandera Shire is a local government area in the Riverina region of south-western New South Wales, Australia. The Shire is located adjacent to the Sturt and Newell Highways.

Narrandera Shire
New South Wales
Location in New South Wales
Coordinates34°45′S 146°33′E
  • 5,853 (2016)[1]
  • 5,931 (2018 est.)[2]
 • Density1.42194/km2 (3.6828/sq mi)
Area4,116.2 km2 (1,589.3 sq mi)[3]
MayorCr. Neville Kschenka (Independent)[4]
Council seatNarrandera[5]
State electorate(s)Cootamundra
Federal Division(s)Farrer[6]
WebsiteNarrandera Shire
LGAs around Narrandera Shire:
Carrathool Bland Coolamon
Leeton Narrandera Shire Wagga Wagga
Murrumbidgee Federation Lockhart

The present Narrandera Shire was formed on 1 January 1960 by an amalgamation of the previous Narrandera Municipality and part of the Yanko Shire. The first Narrandera Municipality was incorporated on 18 March 1885. Narrandera Shire is a large shire in the geographical centre of the Riverina, with over 1,500 kilometres (930 mi) of roads within its boundaries.[7]

The Shire includes the town of Narrandera and the villages of Grong Grong, Binya and Barellan.

The mayor of Narrandera Shire is Cr. Neville Kschenka, an independent politician.[4]


Current composition and election method

Narrandera Shire Council is composed of nine councillors elected proportionally as a single ward. All councillors are elected for a fixed four-year term of office. The mayor is elected by the councillors at the first meeting of the Council. The most recent election was held on 10 September 2016. The makeup of the Council is as follows:[8]

  Independents and Unaligned 9
Total 9

The current Council, elected in 2016, in order of election, is:[8]

  Jenny Clarke Independent
  Tracey Lewis Independent
  Kevin Morris Independent
  Barbara Bryon Unaligned
  David Fahey Unaligned Deputy Mayor[4]
  Neville Kschenka Independent Mayor[4]
  Wesley Hall Unaligned
  Tammy Galvin Independent
  Narelle Payne Unaligned


Mayors of Narrandera Council (1885–1959)

The list of mayors of Narrandera Council (1885–1959) appears below.[9][10]

Mayor Term
Robert Heatie Ferrier 1885
Henry Daniel Adams 1886
John Armstrong 1887
James Moulton 1888
Bruce Kennedy 1988-1989
James Bowes 1889 (February–March)[9]
John Fleming Willans (1st term) 1890-1893
Michael Cohen 1894
John Fleming Willans (2nd term) 1894 (July)[9]
Peter Sullivan 1895
James Armstrong 1896
Lewis S Abrahams 1897
Thomas Henry Elwin (1st term) 1898
Fred Allan Smith (1st term) 1899-1900
James Joseph Quirk 1901
Fred Allan Smith (2nd term) 1902-1903
Ebenezer C H Matthews (1st term) 1904-1906
Thomas Henry Elwin (2nd term) 1907-1913
James Charles Little 1914
Thomas Henry Elwin (3rd term) 1915-1916
Ebernezer C H Matthews (2nd term) 1916 (November)[9]
John Anderson McPherson 1917-1919
Robert Henry Hankinson (1st term) 1920-1921
George Norman Dixon 1922-1923
Robert Henry Hankinson (2nd term) 1924
William H Harden 1924 (April),[9] 1925
Robert Henry Hankinson (3rd term) 1926
Samuel Henry Barker 1927
Robert Henry Hankinson (4th term) 1928-1930
Frederick Thelwell Yeoman (1st term) 1930 (August),[9] 1931
Thomas Henry Mancy 1932-1934
Frederick Thelwell Yeoman (2nd term) 1935
Alexander Baird 1936-1937
Frederick Thelwell Yeoman (3rd term) 1938
Ralph E R Skinner 1939
Francis Charles Garner (1st term) 1940
Thomas Gordon (1st term) 1941
Richard Eric Blamey 1942
Thomas Gordon (2nd term) 1943-1944
George F Hepburn 1945
William Joseph Gammage 1946
John Archer Lorimer 1947
Francis Charles Garner (2nd term) 1948-1950
Robert Henry Hankinson (5th term) 1951
William George Armstrong 1951 (June),[9] 1959

Mayors of Narrandera Shire (1960–present)

The list of mayors of Narrandera Shire Council (1960–present) appears below.[9][11]

Mayor Term
Richard Percival Broad 1960-1961
Edward Gilbert Day (1st term) 1962
Archibald Herbert McIntosh 1963-1965
Edward Gilbert Day (2nd term) 1966-1968
Ronald Sydney Strivens 1969-1973
September elections commenced[9]
Kenneth Lionel Kiesling (1st term) 1973-1975
Bruce Charles (1st term) 1975-1977
Kenneth Lionel Kiesling (2nd term) 1977-1979
Bruce Charles (2nd term) 1979-1980
Warwick John Heckendorf (1st term) 1980-1984
John Browne Driscoll 1984-1987
Warwick John Heckendorf (2nd term) 1987-1990
Shirley Ann Hocking (1st term) 1990-1991
Desmond Joseph Edwards (1st term) 1991-1994
Shirley Ann Hocking (2nd term) 1994-1996
John Beattie (1st term) 1996-1999
Desmond Joseph Edwards (2nd term) 1999-2000
John Beattie (2nd term) 2000-2002
Desmond Joseph Edwards (3rd term) 2002-2007
John William Sullivan 2007-2008
Graham Eipper (1st term) 2008-2009
Wesley Munro Hall 2009-2010
Graham Eipper (2nd term) 2010-2011
Jennifer Clare Clarke 2011-2016
Neville Raymond Kschenka 2016-present


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