Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST; Chinese: 南京信息工程大学; pinyin: Nánjīng Xìnxī Gōngchéng Dàxué), colloquially Nan Xin Da (Chinese: 南信大; pinyin: Nánxìndà), formerly the Meteorology College of Nanjing University, was established in 1960 by the China Meteorological Administration, then changed the name into Nanjing Institute of Meteorology in May, 1963. NUIST is the oldest institution of higher learning of meteorology science in China.

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
Former names
Nanjing Institute of Meteorology
TypePublic university
Location, ,

The administration of NUIST was handed over from China Meteorological Administration to Jiangsu province in February, 2000. Its present name of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) was adopted in May, 2004 with authorization by Jiangsu Government and the Ministry of Education of PRC.

NUIST offers Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degree programs in areas including Atmospheric Science, Information Science and Technology, Environmental Science, Engineering, management, literature, economics, laws and agriculture. It is a Chinese Ministry of Education Double First Class Discipline University, with Double First Class status in certain disciplines. Before 2004 some students were free of tuition if they agreed to work for China Meteorological Administration when entering the school and they will start to work for CMA by the fourth year of school while possible getting credentials as well.[1]

At Autumn 2013 more than 200 foreign students from 43 countries were studying at NUIST.

Colleges and departments

  • Binjiang College
  • College of Adult Education
  • College of English Department
  • Technical College for Professional Training
  • Reading Academy
  • Yue Jiang Academy
  • Foreign Languages Department
  • College of International Education – CIE (for foreign students)
  • Department of Atmospheric Science
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Department of Applied Meteorological Science
  • Department of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Technology
  • Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Public Administration
  • Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Department of Economics and Trade
  • Department of Spatial Information Science
  • Department of Information Management
  • Department of Information and Communications Technologies
  • Department of Chinese Language and Literature
  • Department of Resource, Environment and City-rural Planning

Scholarships and awards

NUIST offers many types of scholarships for local and international students. It is one of the only two universities to offer the Chinese Government Scholarship-WMO Program.[2] This is a specialized scholarship offered to students of meteorology or related fields. The only other university offering this scholarship is Hohai University.

External Partnership

The school has the scholarships from Chinese government, Hanban, the Jiangsu province to recruit students. In 2009, the school was founded the "Confucius class" in Bahamas, and it became the fourth Confucius class that Jiangsu Province has found in overseas universities, in 2011, "Confucius class" successfully upgraded to "Confucius Institute". The school has a "World Meteorological Organization Regional Training Center", which has trained more than 1,600 meteorological technicians and managers for 134 countries and regions, and successfully hosted the Tenth World Meteorological Organization Conference of Education and Training and the third session of " quantitative precipitation estimation and forecasting " international conference . In 2010, the World Meteorological Organization Executive Council session on 62 certificates in recognition of the important contribution of the school to make the international meteorological training.


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