Nangong 681-class floating pile driver

Nangong 681 class floating pile driver is a class of little known naval auxiliary ship currently in service with the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).[1] The name of this class is after the first unit commissioned, with the exact type still remains unknown, and only a single unit of this class have been confirmed in active service as of mid-2010s.[1]

General characteristics
Class and type: Nangong 681
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Armament: Unarmed
Aircraft carried: None
Aviation facilities: None

Nangong 681 class series ships in PLAN service are designated by a combination of two Chinese characters followed by three-digit number. The second Chinese character is Gong (工), short for Gong-Cheng (工程), meaning engineering in Chinese, because these ships are ships built for engineering projects. The first Chinese character denotes which fleet the ship is service with, with East (Dong, 东) for East Sea Fleet, North (Bei, 北) for North Sea Fleet, and South (Nan, 南) for South Sea Fleet. However, the pennant numbers may have changed due to the change of Chinese naval ships naming convention. Nangong 681 class floating pile driver can also be used as a crane ship.[1]

 Class   Pennant #   Status   Fleet 
Nangong 681 class Nan-Gong 681 Active South Sea Fleet


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