Naked Came the Stranger (film)

Naked Came the Stranger is an American adult erotic film released in 1975. The film was directed by Radley Metzger (as "Henry Paris")[1][2][3] and filmed in several elaborate locations in New York City.

Naked Came the Stranger
Original film DVD cover
Directed byRadley Metzger
(as "Henry Paris")
Produced byAva Leighton
(as "L. Sultana"
Written byRadley Metzger
(as "Jake Barnes")
StarringAlan Marlow
Darby Lloyd Rains
David Savage
Helen Madigan
Kevin Andre
Levi Richards
Mary Stuart
Rita Davis
Music byGeorge Craig
CinematographyRobert Rochester
Edited byDoris Toumarkine (as "Doris Barrow")
Distributed byVCA Pictures (USA)
Catalyst Productions (II)
Release date
May 21, 1975 (USA)
Running time
83 minutes
CountryUnited States


Gilly, a radio host, is determined to enjoy herself with friends and acquaintances as much as her playful husband Billy. Gilly enjoys herself in several locations around New York City, including at an elaborate dress ball, an old-fashioned ballroom and on the top floor of a double-decker bus while it drives around the city.[1]


  • Alan Marlow as Marvin Goodman
  • Darby Lloyd Rains as Gilly
  • David Savage as a Waiter
  • Helen Madigan as an Actress
  • Kevin Andre as Party Guy
  • Levi Richards as Billy
  • Mary Stuart as Phyllis
  • Rita Davis as a Waitress


The film Naked Came the Stranger was based on the 1969 hoax book of the same name and released during the Golden Age of Porn (inaugurated by the 1969 release of Andy Warhol's Blue Movie) in the United States, at a time of "porno chic",[1][4][5] in which adult erotic films were just beginning to be widely released, publicly discussed by celebrities (like Johnny Carson and Bob Hope)[6] and taken seriously by film critics (like Roger Ebert).[7][8]

Remastered version

In 2011, DistribPix released a complete remastering of the film, with the full cooperation of the director.[9] The result had a limited exhibition in theaters, but the main outcome of the project was the first-ever official remastered DVD version.[9] A listing of the music on the film soundtrack was released earlier.[10]

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