Nagatachō (永田町, Nagata-chō) is a district of Tokyo, Japan, located in Chiyoda Ward. It is the location of the Diet of Japan and the Prime Minister's residence (Kantei). The Supreme Court of Japan is located in neighboring Hayabusachō. Nagatachō's name is often used to refer figuratively to the Japanese government, as opposed to Kasumigaseki which refers to the administration.

During the Edo period, the area surrounding Hibiya High School and Embassy of Mexico was samurai residences of Kishiwada Domain.

Companies based in Nagatachō

NTT DoCoMo has its headquarters in the Sanno Park Tower in Nagatachō.[1]

The Swiss House, the Japanese offices of Swiss International Air Lines, are located in the Sanno Park Tower Annex.[2][3]

Prudential Financial has its Japanese offices in Prudential Tower in Tokyo. A number of foreign firms have their Japanese offices in Nagatachō, including Baker & McKenzie, Citibank, and Dow Jones.

Surrounding area

Subway stations

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