NHL All-Star Team

The NHL All-Star Teams were first named at the end of the 1930–31 NHL season, to honor the best performers over the season at each position.

Representatives of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association vote for the all-star team at the end of the regular season.

The career leaders in citations are Gordie Howe, named to a total of 21 all-star teams (12 first, 9 second), all with the Detroit Red Wings, and Ray Bourque, named to a total of 19 all-star teams (13 first, 6 second) over the course of his 21-season career with the Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche. Alexander Ovechkin is the only player in history to be named to both all-star teams in the same season (as a left and right winger respectively) because of a voting error.[1]


Denotes players who are still active in the NHL
Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame
Player (X) Denotes the number of times the player has been selected
(in bold text)
Indicates the player who won the Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL's Most Valuable Player in the same year


































Season Position First team Second team
PlayerTeam PlayerTeam
1959–60 CJean Béliveau (6)Montreal CanadiensBronco HorvathBoston Bruins
LWBobby HullChicago Black HawksDean PrenticeNew York Rangers
RWGordie Howe (11)Detroit Red WingsBernie Geoffrion (2)Montreal Canadiens
DDoug Harvey (9)Montreal CanadiensAllan StanleyToronto Maple Leafs
DMarcel Pronovost (3)Montreal CanadiensPierre PiloteChicago Black Hawks
GGlenn Hall (4)Chicago Black HawksJacques Plante (5)Montreal Canadiens
1960–61 CJean Béliveau (7)Montreal CanadiensHenri Richard (3)Montreal Canadiens
LWFrank MahovlichToronto Maple LeafsDickie Moore (3)Montreal Canadiens
RWBernie Geoffrion (3)Montreal CanadiensGordie Howe (12)Detroit Red Wings
DDoug Harvey (10)Montreal CanadiensAllan Stanley (2)Toronto Maple Leafs
DMarcel Pronovost (4)Detroit Red WingsPierre Pilote (2)Chicago Black Hawks
GJohnny BowerToronto Maple LeafsGlenn Hall (5)Chicago Black Hawks
1961–62 CStan MikitaChicago Black HawksDave KeonToronto Maple Leafs
LWBobby Hull (2)Chicago Black HawksFrank Mahovlich (2)Toronto Maple Leafs
RWAndy Bathgate (3)New York RangersGordie Howe (13)Detroit Red Wings
DDoug Harvey (11)New York RangersCarl BrewerToronto Maple Leafs
DJean-Guy TalbotMontreal CanadiensPierre Pilote (3)Chicago Black Hawks
GJacques Plante (6)Montreal CanadiensGlenn Hall (6)Chicago Black Hawks
1962–63 CStan Mikita (2)Chicago Black HawksHenri Richard (4)Montreal Canadiens
LWFrank Mahovlich (3)Toronto Maple LeafsBobby Hull (3)Chicago Black Hawks
RWGordie Howe (14)Detroit Red WingsAndy Bathgate (4)New York Rangers
DPierre Pilote (4)Chicago Black HawksTim Horton (2)Toronto Maple Leafs
DCarl Brewer (2)Toronto Maple LeafsElmer VaskoChicago Black Hawks
GGlenn Hall (7)Chicago Black HawksTerry Sawchuk (7)Detroit Red Wings
1963–64 CStan Mikita (3)Chicago Black HawksJean Béliveau (8)Montreal Canadiens
LWBobby Hull (4)Chicago Black HawksFrank Mahovlich (4)Toronto Maple Leafs
RWKenny WharramChicago Black HawksGordie Howe (15)Detroit Red Wings
DPierre Pilote (5)Chicago Black HawksElmer Vasko (2)Chicago Black Hawks
DTim Horton (3)Toronto Maple LeafsJacques LaperrièreMontreal Canadiens
GGlenn Hall (8)Chicago Black HawksCharlie HodgeMontreal Canadiens
1964–65 CNorm UllmanDetroit Red WingsStan Mikita (4)Chicago Black Hawks
LWBobby Hull (5)Chicago Black HawksFrank Mahovlich (5)Toronto Maple Leafs
RWClaude ProvostMontreal CanadiensGordie Howe (16)Detroit Red Wings
DPierre Pilote (6)Chicago Black HawksBill Gadsby (7)Detroit Red Wings
DJacques Laperrière (2)Montreal CanadiensCarl Brewer (3)Toronto Maple Leafs
GRoger CrozierDetroit Red WingsCharlie Hodge (2)Montreal Canadiens
1965–66 CStan Mikita (5)Chicago Black HawksJean Béliveau (9)Montreal Canadiens
LWBobby Hull (6)Chicago Black HawksFrank Mahovlich (6)Toronto Maple Leafs
RWGordie Howe (17)Detroit Red WingsBobby RousseauMontreal Canadiens
DJacques Laperrière (3)Montreal CanadiensAllan Stanley (3)Toronto Maple Leafs
DPierre Pilote (7)Chicago Black HawksPat StapletonChicago Black Hawks
GGlenn Hall (9)Chicago Black HawksGump WorsleyMontreal Canadiens
1966–67 CStan Mikita (6)Chicago Black HawksNorm Ullman (2)Detroit Red Wings
LWBobby Hull (7)Chicago Black HawksDon MarshallNew York Rangers
RWKenny Wharram (2)Chicago Black HawksGordie Howe (18)Detroit Red Wings
DPierre Pilote (8)Chicago Black HawksTim Horton (4)Toronto Maple Leafs
DHarry HowellNew York RangersBobby OrrBoston Bruins
GEd GiacominNew York RangersGlenn Hall (10)Chicago Black Hawks
1967–68 CStan Mikita (7)Chicago Black HawksPhil EspositoBoston Bruins
LWBobby Hull (8)Chicago Black HawksJohnny BucykBoston Bruins
RWGordie Howe (19)Detroit Red WingsRod GilbertNew York Rangers
DBobby Orr (2)Boston BruinsJ. C. TremblayMontreal Canadiens
DTim Horton (5)Toronto Maple LeafsJim NeilsonNew York Rangers
GGump Worsley (2)Montreal CanadiensEd Giacomin (2)New York Rangers
1968–69 CPhil Esposito (2)Boston BruinsJean Béliveau (10)Montreal Canadiens
LWBobby Hull (9)Chicago Black HawksFrank Mahovlich (7)Detroit Red Wings
RWGordie Howe (20)Detroit Red WingsYvan CournoyerMontreal Canadiens
DBobby Orr (3)Boston BruinsTed GreenBoston Bruins
DTim Horton (6)Toronto Maple LeafsTed HarrisMontreal Canadiens
GGlenn Hall (11)St. Louis BluesEd Giacomin (3)New York Rangers


Season Position First team Second team
PlayerTeam PlayerTeam
1969–70 CPhil Esposito (3)Boston BruinsStan Mikita (8)Chicago Black Hawks
LWBobby Hull (10)Chicago Black HawksFrank Mahovlich (8)Detroit Red Wings
RWGordie Howe (21)Detroit Red WingsJohn McKenzieBoston Bruins
DBobby Orr (4)Boston BruinsCarl Brewer (4)Detroit Red Wings
DBrad ParkNew York RangersJacques Laperrière (4)Montreal Canadiens
GTony EspositoChicago Black HawksEd Giacomin (4)New York Rangers
1970–71 CPhil Esposito (4)Boston BruinsDave Keon (2)Toronto Maple Leafs
LWJohnny Bucyk (2)Boston BruinsBobby Hull (11)Chicago Black Hawks
RWKen HodgeBoston BruinsYvan Cournoyer (2)Montreal Canadiens
DBobby Orr (5)Boston BruinsPat Stapleton (2)Chicago Black Hawks
DJ. C. Tremblay (2)Montreal CanadiensBrad Park (2)New York Rangers
GEd Giacomin (5)New York RangersJacques Plante (7)Toronto Maple Leafs
1971–72 CPhil Esposito (5)Boston BruinsJean RatelleNew York Rangers
LWBobby Hull (12)Chicago Black HawksVic HadfieldNew York Rangers
RWRod Gilbert (2)New York RangersYvan Cournoyer (3)Montreal Canadiens
DBobby Orr (6)Boston BruinsBill WhiteChicago Black Hawks
DBrad Park (3)New York RangersPat Stapleton (3)Chicago Black Hawks
GTony Esposito (2)Chicago Black HawksKen DrydenMontreal Canadiens
1972–73 CPhil Esposito (6)Boston BruinsBobby ClarkePhiladelphia Flyers
LWFrank Mahovlich (9)Montreal CanadiensDennis HullChicago Black Hawks
RWMickey RedmondDetroit Red WingsYvan Cournoyer (4)Montreal Canadiens
DBobby Orr (7)Boston BruinsBrad Park (4)New York Rangers
DGuy LapointeMontreal CanadiensBill White (2)Chicago Black Hawks
GKen Dryden (2)Montreal CanadiensTony Esposito (3)Chicago Black Hawks
1973–74 CPhil Esposito (7)Boston BruinsBobby Clarke (2)Philadelphia Flyers
LWRick MartinBuffalo SabresWayne CashmanBoston Bruins
RWKen Hodge (2)Boston BruinsMickey Redmond (2)Detroit Red Wings
DBobby Orr (8)Boston BruinsBill White (3)Chicago Black Hawks
DBrad Park (5)New York RangersBarry AshbeePhiladelphia Flyers
GBernie ParentPhiladelphia FlyersTony Esposito (4)Chicago Black Hawks
1974–75 CBobby Clarke (3)Philadelphia FlyersPhil Esposito (8)Boston Bruins
LWRick Martin (2)Buffalo SabresSteve VickersNew York Rangers
RWGuy LafleurMontreal CanadiensRené RobertBuffalo Sabres
DBobby Orr (9)Boston BruinsGuy Lapointe (2)Montreal Canadiens
DDenis PotvinNew York IslandersBörje SalmingToronto Maple Leafs
GBernie Parent (2)Philadelphia FlyersRogie VachonLos Angeles Kings
1975–76 CBobby Clarke (4)Philadelphia FlyersGilbert PerreaultBuffalo Sabres
LWBill BarberPhiladelphia FlyersRick Martin (3)Buffalo Sabres
RWGuy Lafleur (2)Montreal CanadiensReggie LeachPhiladelphia Flyers
DDenis Potvin (2)New York IslandersBörje Salming (2)Toronto Maple Leafs
DBrad Park (6)New York Rangers/Boston BruinsGuy Lapointe (3)Montreal Canadiens
GKen Dryden (3)Montreal CanadiensGlenn ReschNew York Islanders
1976–77 CMarcel DionneLos Angeles KingsGilbert Perreault (2)Buffalo Sabres
LWSteve ShuttMontreal CanadiensRick Martin (4)Buffalo Sabres
RWGuy Lafleur (3)Montreal CanadiensLanny McDonaldToronto Maple Leafs
DLarry RobinsonMontreal CanadiensDenis Potvin (3)New York Islanders
DBörje Salming (3)Toronto Maple LeafsGuy Lapointe (4)Montreal Canadiens
GKen Dryden (4)Montreal CanadiensRogie Vachon (2)Los Angeles Kings
1977–78 CBryan TrottierNew York IslandersDarryl SittlerToronto Maple Leafs
LWClark GilliesNew York IslandersSteve Shutt (2)Montreal Canadiens
RWGuy Lafleur (4)Montreal CanadiensMike BossyNew York Islanders
DDenis Potvin (4)New York IslandersLarry Robinson (2)Montreal Canadiens
DBrad Park (7)Boston BruinsBörje Salming (4)Toronto Maple Leafs
GKen Dryden (5)Montreal CanadiensDon EdwardsBuffalo Sabres
1978–79 CBryan Trottier (2)New York IslandersMarcel Dionne (2)Los Angeles Kings
LWClark Gillies (2)New York IslandersBill Barber (2)Philadelphia Flyers
RWGuy Lafleur (5)Montreal CanadiensMike Bossy (2)New York Islanders
DDenis Potvin (5)New York IslandersBörje Salming (5)Toronto Maple Leafs
DLarry Robinson (3)Montreal CanadiensSerge SavardMontreal Canadiens
GKen Dryden (6)Montreal CanadiensGlenn Resch (2)New York Islanders


Season Position First team Second team
PlayerTeam PlayerTeam
1979–80 CMarcel Dionne (3)Los Angeles KingsWayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers
LWCharlie SimmerLos Angeles KingsSteve Shutt (3)Montreal Canadiens
RWGuy Lafleur (6)Montreal CanadiensDanny GareBuffalo Sabres
DLarry Robinson (4)Montreal CanadiensBörje Salming (6)Toronto Maple Leafs
DRay BourqueBoston BruinsJim SchoenfeldBuffalo Sabres
GTony Esposito (5)Chicago Black HawksDon Edwards (2)Buffalo Sabres
1980–81 CWayne Gretzky (2)Edmonton OilersMarcel Dionne (4)Los Angeles Kings
LWCharlie Simmer (2)Los Angeles KingsBill Barber (3)Philadelphia Flyers
RWMike Bossy (3)New York IslandersDave TaylorLos Angeles Kings
DDenis Potvin (6)New York IslandersLarry Robinson (5)Montreal Canadiens
DRandy CarlylePittsburgh PenguinsRay Bourque (2)Boston Bruins
GMike LiutSt. Louis BluesMario LessardLos Angeles Kings
1981–82 CWayne Gretzky (3)Edmonton OilersBryan Trottier (3)New York Islanders
LWMark MessierEdmonton OilersJohn TonelliNew York Islanders
RWMike Bossy (4)New York IslandersRick MiddletonBoston Bruins
DDoug WilsonChicago Black HawksPaul CoffeyEdmonton Oilers
DRay Bourque (3)Boston BruinsBrian EngblomMontreal Canadiens
GBilly SmithNew York IslandersGrant FuhrEdmonton Oilers
1982–83 CWayne Gretzky (4)Edmonton OilersDenis SavardChicago Black Hawks
LWMark Messier (2)Edmonton OilersMichel GouletQuebec Nordiques
RWMike Bossy (5)New York IslandersLanny McDonald (2)Calgary Flames
DMark HowePhiladelphia FlyersPaul Coffey (2)Edmonton Oilers
DRod LangwayWashington CapitalsRay Bourque (4)Boston Bruins
GPete PeetersBoston BruinsRoland MelansonNew York Islanders
1983–84 CWayne Gretzky (5)Edmonton OilersBryan Trottier (4)New York Islanders
LWMichel Goulet (2)Quebec NordiquesMark Messier (3)Edmonton Oilers
RWMike Bossy (6)New York IslandersJari KurriEdmonton Oilers
DRod Langway (2)Washington CapitalsPaul Coffey (3)Edmonton Oilers
DRay Bourque (5)Boston BruinsDenis Potvin (7)New York Islanders
GTom BarrassoBuffalo SabresPat RigginWashington Capitals
1984–85 CWayne Gretzky (6)Edmonton OilersDale HawerchukWinnipeg Jets
LWJohn OgrodnickDetroit Red WingsJohn Tonelli (2)New York Islanders
RWJari Kurri (2)Edmonton OilersMike Bossy (7)New York Islanders
DPaul Coffey (4)Edmonton OilersRod Langway (3)Washington Capitals
DRay Bourque (6)Boston BruinsDoug Wilson (2)Chicago Black Hawks
GPelle LindberghPhiladelphia FlyersTom Barrasso (2)Buffalo Sabres
1985–86 CWayne Gretzky (7)Edmonton OilersMario LemieuxPittsburgh Penguins
LWMichel Goulet (3)Quebec NordiquesMats NäslundMontreal Canadiens
RWMike Bossy (8)New York IslandersJari Kurri (3)Edmonton Oilers
DPaul Coffey (5)Edmonton OilersLarry Robinson (6)Montreal Canadiens
DMark Howe (2)Philadelphia FlyersRay Bourque (7)Boston Bruins
GJohn VanbiesbrouckNew York RangersBob FroesePhiladelphia Flyers
1986–87 CWayne Gretzky (8)Edmonton OilersMario Lemieux (2)Pittsburgh Penguins
LWMichel Goulet (4)Quebec NordiquesLuc RobitailleLos Angeles Kings
RWJari Kurri (4)Edmonton OilersTim KerrPhiladelphia Flyers
DRay Bourque (8)Boston BruinsLarry MurphyWashington Capitals
DMark Howe (3)Philadelphia FlyersAl MacInnisCalgary Flames
GRon HextallPhiladelphia FlyersMike Liut (2)Hartford Whalers
1987–88 CMario Lemieux (3)Pittsburgh PenguinsWayne Gretzky (9)Edmonton Oilers
LWLuc Robitaille (2)Los Angeles KingsMichel Goulet (5)Quebec Nordiques
RWHåkan LoobCalgary FlamesCam NeelyBoston Bruins
DRay Bourque (9)Boston BruinsGary SuterCalgary Flames
DScott StevensWashington CapitalsBrad McCrimmonCalgary Flames
GGrant Fuhr (2)Edmonton OilersPatrick RoyMontreal Canadiens
1988–89 CMario Lemieux (4)Pittsburgh PenguinsWayne Gretzky (10)Los Angeles Kings
LWLuc Robitaille (3)Los Angeles KingsGerard GallantDetroit Red Wings
RWJoe MullenCalgary FlamesJari Kurri (5)Edmonton Oilers
DChris CheliosMontreal CanadiensAl MacInnis (2)Calgary Flames
DPaul Coffey (6)Pittsburgh PenguinsRay Bourque (10)Boston Bruins
GPatrick Roy (2)Montreal CanadiensMike VernonCalgary Flames


Season Position First team Second team
PlayerTeam PlayerTeam
1989–90 CMark Messier (4)Edmonton OilersWayne Gretzky (11)Los Angeles Kings
LWLuc Robitaille (4)Los Angeles KingsBrian BellowsMinnesota North Stars
RWBrett HullSt. Louis BluesCam Neely (2)Boston Bruins
DRay Bourque (11)Boston BruinsPaul Coffey (7)Pittsburgh Penguins
DAl MacInnis (3)Calgary FlamesDoug Wilson (3)Chicago Blackhawks
GPatrick Roy (3)Montreal CanadiensDaren PuppaBuffalo Sabres
1990–91 CWayne Gretzky (12)Los Angeles KingsAdam OatesSt. Louis Blues
LWLuc Robitaille (5)Los Angeles KingsKevin StevensPittsburgh Penguins
RWBrett Hull (2)St. Louis BluesCam Neely (3)Boston Bruins
DRay Bourque (12)Boston BruinsChris Chelios (2)Chicago Blackhawks
DAl MacInnis (4)Calgary FlamesBrian LeetchNew York Rangers
GEd BelfourChicago BlackhawksPatrick Roy (4)Montreal Canadiens
1991–92 CMark Messier (5)New York RangersMario Lemieux (5)Pittsburgh Penguins
LWKevin Stevens (2)Pittsburgh PenguinsLuc Robitaille (6)Los Angeles Kings
RWBrett Hull (3)St. Louis BluesMark RecchiPittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers
DBrian Leetch (2)New York RangersPhil HousleyWinnipeg Jets
DRay Bourque (13)Boston BruinsScott Stevens (2)New Jersey Devils
GPatrick Roy (5)Montreal CanadiensKirk McLeanVancouver Canucks
1992–93 CMario Lemieux (6)Pittsburgh PenguinsPat LaFontaineBuffalo Sabres
LWLuc Robitaille (7)Los Angeles KingsKevin Stevens (3)Pittsburgh Penguins
RWTeemu SelänneWinnipeg JetsAlexander MogilnyBuffalo Sabres
DChris Chelios (3)Chicago BlackhawksLarry Murphy (2)Pittsburgh Penguins
DRay Bourque (14)Boston BruinsAl IafrateWashington Capitals
GEd Belfour (2)Chicago BlackhawksTom Barrasso (3)Pittsburgh Penguins
1993–94 CSergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsWayne Gretzky (13)Los Angeles Kings
LWBrendan ShanahanSt. Louis BluesAdam GravesNew York Rangers
RWPavel BureVancouver CanucksCam Neely (4)Boston Bruins
DRay Bourque (15)Boston BruinsAl MacInnis (5)Calgary Flames
DScott Stevens (3)New Jersey DevilsBrian Leetch (3)New York Rangers
GDominik HašekBuffalo SabresJohn Vanbiesbrouck (2)Florida Panthers
1994–95 CEric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersAlexei ZhamnovWinnipeg Jets
LWJohn LeClairMontreal Canadiens/Philadelphia FlyersKeith TkachukWinnipeg Jets
RWJaromír JágrPittsburgh PenguinsTheoren FleuryCalgary Flames
DPaul Coffey (8)Detroit Red WingsRay Bourque (16)Boston Bruins
DChris Chelios (4)Chicago BlackhawksLarry Murphy (3)Pittsburgh Penguins
GDominik Hašek (2)Buffalo SabresEd Belfour (3)Chicago Blackhawks
1995–96 CMario Lemieux (7)Pittsburgh PenguinsEric Lindros (2)Philadelphia Flyers
LWPaul KariyaMighty Ducks of AnaheimJohn LeClair (2)Philadelphia Flyers
RWJaromír Jágr (2)Pittsburgh PenguinsAlexander Mogilny (2)Vancouver Canucks
DChris Chelios (5)Chicago BlackhawksVladimir KonstantinovDetroit Red Wings
DRay Bourque (17)Boston BruinsBrian Leetch (4)New York Rangers
GJim CareyWashington CapitalsChris OsgoodDetroit Red Wings
1996–97 CMario Lemieux (8)Pittsburgh PenguinsWayne Gretzky (14)New York Rangers
LWPaul Kariya (2)Mighty Ducks of AnaheimJohn LeClair (3)Philadelphia Flyers
RWTeemu Selänne (2)Mighty Ducks of AnaheimJaromír Jágr (3)Pittsburgh Penguins
DBrian Leetch (5)New York RangersChris Chelios (6)Chicago Blackhawks
DSandis OzoliņšColorado AvalancheScott Stevens (4)New Jersey Devils
GDominik Hašek (3)Buffalo SabresMartin BrodeurNew Jersey Devils
1997–98 CPeter ForsbergColorado AvalancheWayne Gretzky (15)New York Rangers
LWJohn LeClair (4)Washington CapitalsKeith Tkachuk (2)Phoenix Coyotes
RWJaromír Jágr (4)Pittsburgh PenguinsTeemu Selänne (3)Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
DNicklas LidströmDetroit Red WingsChris ProngerSt. Louis Blues
DRob BlakeLos Angeles KingsScott NiedermayerNew Jersey Devils
GDominik Hašek (4)Buffalo SabresMartin Brodeur (2)New Jersey Devils
1998–99 CPeter Forsberg (2)Colorado AvalancheAlexei YashinOttawa Senators
LWPaul Kariya (3)Mighty Ducks of AnaheimJohn LeClair (5)Philadelphia Flyers
RWJaromír Jágr (5)Pittsburgh PenguinsTeemu Selänne (4)Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
DAl MacInnis (6)St. Louis BluesRay Bourque (18)Boston Bruins
DNicklas Lidström (2)Detroit Red WingsÉric DesjardinsPhiladelphia Flyers
GDominik Hašek (5)Buffalo SabresByron DafoeBoston Bruins


Season Position First team Second team
PlayerTeam PlayerTeam
1999–2000 CSteve YzermanDetroit Red WingsMike ModanoDallas Stars
LWBrendan Shanahan (2)Detroit Red WingsPaul Kariya (4)Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
RWJaromír Jágr (6)Pittsburgh PenguinsPavel Bure (2)Florida Panthers
DChris Pronger (2)St. Louis BluesRob Blake (2)Los Angeles Kings
DNicklas Lidström (3)Detroit Red WingsÉric Desjardins (2)Philadelphia Flyers
GOlaf KölzigWashington CapitalsRoman TurekSt. Louis Blues
2000–01 CJoe SakicColorado AvalancheMario Lemieux (9)Pittsburgh Penguins
LWPatrik EliášNew Jersey DevilsLuc Robitaille (8)Los Angeles Kings
RWJaromír Jágr (7)Pittsburgh PenguinsPavel Bure (3)Florida Panthers
DNicklas Lidström (4)Detroit Red WingsRob Blake (3)Los Angeles Kings/Colorado Avalanche
DRay Bourque (19)Colorado AvalancheScott Stevens (5)New Jersey Devils
GDominik Hašek (6)Buffalo SabresRoman ČechmánekPhiladelphia Flyers
2001–02 CJoe Sakic (2)Colorado AvalancheMats SundinToronto Maple Leafs
LWMarkus NäslundVancouver CanucksBrendan Shanahan (3)Detroit Red Wings
RWJarome IginlaCalgary FlamesBill GuerinBoston Bruins
DNicklas Lidström (5)Detroit Red WingsRob Blake (4)Colorado Avalanche
DChris Chelios (7)Detroit Red WingsSergei GoncharWashington Capitals
GPatrick Roy (6)Colorado AvalancheJosé ThéodoreMontreal Canadiens
2002–03 CPeter Forsberg (3)Colorado AvalancheJoe ThorntonBoston Bruins
LWMarkus Näslund (2)Vancouver CanucksPaul Kariya (5)Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
RWTodd BertuzziVancouver CanucksMilan HejdukColorado Avalanche
DNicklas Lidström (6)Detroit Red WingsSergei Gonchar (2)Washington Capitals
DAl MacInnis (7)St. Louis BluesDerian HatcherDallas Stars
GMartin Brodeur (3)New Jersey DevilsMarty TurcoDallas Stars
2003–04 CJoe Sakic (3)Colorado AvalancheMats Sundin (2)Toronto Maple Leafs
LWMarkus Näslund (3)Vancouver CanucksIlya KovalchukAtlanta Thrashers
RWMartin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningJarome Iginla (2)Calgary Flames
DScott Niedermayer (2)New Jersey DevilsChris Pronger (3)St. Louis Blues
DZdeno CháraOttawa SenatorsBryan McCabeToronto Maple Leafs
GMartin Brodeur (4)New Jersey DevilsRoberto LuongoFlorida Panthers
2005–06 CJoe Thornton (2)Boston Bruins/San Jose SharksEric StaalCarolina Hurricanes
LWAlexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsDany HeatleyOttawa Senators
RWJaromír Jágr (8)New York RangersDaniel AlfredssonOttawa Senators
DNicklas Lidström (7)Detroit Red WingsZdeno Chára (2)Ottawa Senators
DScott Niedermayer (3)Mighty Ducks of AnaheimSergei ZubovDallas Stars
GMiikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesMartin Brodeur (5)New Jersey Devils
2006–07 CSidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsVincent LecavalierTampa Bay Lightning
LWAlexander Ovechkin (2)Washington CapitalsThomas VanekBuffalo Sabres
RWDany Heatley (2)Ottawa SenatorsMartin St. Louis (2)Tampa Bay Lightning
DNicklas Lidström (8)Detroit Red WingsChris Pronger (4)Anaheim Ducks
DScott Niedermayer (4)Anaheim DucksDan BoyleTampa Bay Lightning
GMartin Brodeur (6)New Jersey DevilsRoberto Luongo (2)Vancouver Canucks
2007–08 CEvgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsJoe Thornton (3)San Jose Sharks
LWAlexander Ovechkin (3)Washington CapitalsHenrik ZetterbergDetroit Red Wings
RWJarome Iginla (3)Calgary FlamesAlexei KovalevMontreal Canadiens
DNicklas Lidström (9)Detroit Red WingsBrian CampbellBuffalo Sabres/San Jose Sharks
DDion PhaneufCalgary FlamesZdeno Chára (3)Boston Bruins
GEvgeni NabokovSan Jose SharksMartin Brodeur (7)New Jersey Devils
2008–09 CEvgeni Malkin (2)Pittsburgh PenguinsPavel DatsyukDetroit Red Wings
LWAlexander Ovechkin (4)Washington CapitalsZach PariseNew Jersey Devils
RWJarome Iginla (4)Calgary FlamesMarián HossaDetroit Red Wings
DZdeno Chára (4)Boston BruinsNicklas Lidström (10)Detroit Red Wings
DMike GreenWashington CapitalsDan Boyle (2)San Jose Sharks
GTim ThomasBoston BruinsSteve MasonColumbus Blue Jackets


Season Position First team Second team
PlayerTeam PlayerTeam
2009–10 CHenrik SedinVancouver CanucksSidney Crosby (2)Pittsburgh Penguins
LWAlexander Ovechkin (5)Washington CapitalsDaniel SedinVancouver Canucks
RWPatrick KaneChicago BlackhawksMartin St. Louis (3)Tampa Bay Lightning
DDuncan KeithChicago BlackhawksDrew DoughtyLos Angeles Kings
DMike Green (2)Washington CapitalsNicklas Lidström (11)Detroit Red Wings
GRyan MillerBuffalo SabresIlya BryzgalovPhoenix Coyotes
2010–11 CHenrik Sedin (2)Vancouver CanucksSteven StamkosTampa Bay Lightning
LWDaniel Sedin (2)Vancouver CanucksAlexander Ovechkin (6)Washington Capitals
RWCorey PerryAnaheim DucksMartin St. Louis (4)Tampa Bay Lightning
DNicklas Lidström (12)Detroit Red WingsZdeno Chára (5)Boston Bruins
DShea WeberNashville PredatorsĽubomír VišňovskýAnaheim Ducks
GTim Thomas (2)Boston BruinsPekka RinneNashville Predators
2011–12 CEvgeni Malkin (3)Pittsburgh PenguinsSteven Stamkos (2)Tampa Bay Lightning
LWIlya Kovalchuk (2)New Jersey DevilsRay WhitneyPhoenix Coyotes
RWJames NealPittsburgh PenguinsMarián GáboríkNew York Rangers
DErik KarlssonOttawa SenatorsZdeno Chára (6)Boston Bruins
DShea Weber (2)Nashville PredatorsAlex PietrangeloSt. Louis Blues
GHenrik LundqvistNew York RangersJonathan QuickLos Angeles Kings
2012–13 CSidney Crosby (3)Pittsburgh PenguinsJonathan ToewsChicago Blackhawks
LWChris KunitzPittsburgh PenguinsAlexander Ovechkin (8)Washington Capitals
RWAlexander Ovechkin (7)Washington CapitalsMartin St. Louis (5)Tampa Bay Lightning
DP. K. SubbanMontreal CanadiensKris LetangPittsburgh Penguins
DRyan SuterMinnesota WildFrançois BeaucheminAnaheim Ducks
GSergei BobrovskyColumbus Blue JacketsHenrik Lundqvist (2)New York Rangers
2013–14 CSidney Crosby (4)Pittsburgh PenguinsRyan GetzlafAnaheim Ducks
LWJamie BennDallas StarsJoe PavelskiSan Jose Sharks
RWCorey Perry (2)Anaheim DucksAlexander Ovechkin (9)Washington Capitals
DDuncan Keith (2)Chicago BlackhawksShea Weber (3)Nashville Predators
DZdeno Chára (7)Boston BruinsAlex Pietrangelo (2)St. Louis Blues
GTuukka RaskBoston BruinsSemyon VarlamovColorado Avalanche
2014–15 CJohn TavaresNew York IslandersSidney Crosby (5)Pittsburgh Penguins
LWAlexander Ovechkin (10)Washington CapitalsJamie Benn (2)Dallas Stars
RWJakub VoráčekPhiladelphia FlyersVladimir TarasenkoSt. Louis Blues
DErik Karlsson (2)Ottawa SenatorsDrew Doughty (2)Los Angeles Kings
DP. K. Subban (2)Montreal CanadiensShea Weber (4)Nashville Predators
GCarey PriceMontreal CanadiensDevan DubnykArizona Coyotes/Minnesota Wild
2015–16 CSidney Crosby (6)Pittsburgh PenguinsJoe Thornton (4)San Jose Sharks
LWJamie Benn (3)Dallas StarsAlexander Ovechkin (11)Washington Capitals
RWPatrick Kane (2)Chicago BlackhawksVladimir Tarasenko (2)St. Louis Blues
DDrew Doughty (3)Los Angeles KingsBrent BurnsSan Jose Sharks
DErik Karlsson (3)Ottawa SenatorsKris Letang (2)Pittsburgh Penguins
GBraden HoltbyWashington CapitalsBen BishopTampa Bay Lightning
2016–17 CConnor McDavidEdmonton OilersSidney Crosby (7)Pittsburgh Penguins
LWBrad MarchandBoston BruinsArtemi PanarinChicago Blackhawks
RWPatrick Kane (3)Chicago BlackhawksNikita KucherovTampa Bay Lightning
DBrent Burns (2)San Jose SharksVictor HedmanTampa Bay Lightning
DErik Karlsson (4)Ottawa SenatorsDuncan Keith (3)Chicago Blackhawks
GSergei Bobrovsky (2)Columbus Blue JacketsBraden Holtby (2)Washington Capitals
2017–18 CConnor McDavid (2)Edmonton OilersNathan MacKinnonColorado Avalanche
LWTaylor HallNew Jersey DevilsClaude GirouxPhiladelphia Flyers
RWNikita Kucherov (2)Tampa Bay LightningBlake WheelerWinnipeg Jets
DVictor Hedman (2)Tampa Bay LightningP. K. Subban (3)Nashville Predators
DDrew Doughty (4)Los Angeles KingsSeth JonesColumbus Blue Jackets
GPekka Rinne (2)Nashville PredatorsConnor HellebuyckWinnipeg Jets
2018–19 CConnor McDavid (3)Edmonton OilersSidney Crosby (8)Pittsburgh Penguins
LWAlexander Ovechkin (12)Washington CapitalsBrad Marchand (2)Boston Bruins
RWNikita Kucherov (3)Tampa Bay LightningPatrick Kane (4)Chicago Blackhawks
DMark GiordanoCalgary FlamesJohn CarlsonWashington Capitals
DBrent Burns (3)San Jose SharksVictor Hedman (3)Tampa Bay Lightning
GAndrei VasilevskiyTampa Bay LightningBen Bishop (2)Dallas Stars

First team leaders by position

The following is a list of the most selected first team all-stars by position.

Active players are listed in boldface.


Left wingers:

Right wingers:



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