NEWS (Austrian magazine)

NEWS is an Austrian weekly news magazine published in German and based in Vienna, Austria. The weekly is the major news magazine in the country.[1]

Editor-in-chiefPeter Pelinka
CategoriesNews magazine
Circulation135,875 (2013)
Year founded1992
First issueOctober 1992
CompanyGruner + Jahr
Based inVienna

History and profile

NEWS magazine was established by Helmut and Wolfgang Fellner and was first published in October 1992.[2][3][4] The Verlagsgruppe NEWS was the publisher of the magazine which is published weekly.[5][6] The Fellner brothers sold the magazine to Gruner + Jahr,[7][8] a subsidiary of Bertelsmann.[9]

NEWS covers entertainment and life style topics[10] as well as news on current affairs, politics and culture.[11]

In the 1990s Senta Ziegler served as the editor-in-chief of the magazine.[12] Until 2008 Andreas Weber was the editor-in-chief of the weekly.[5] Then Atha Athanasiadis served as the editor-in-chief of the NEWS magazine from 2008 to February 2010.[13] The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Peter Pelinka who was appointed to the post in February 2010.[14] Corinna Milborn and Silvia Meister are the deputy editors of the weekly.[14]


The 1993 circulation of NEWS was more than 200,000 copies.[4] The market share of the magazine was 19.3% in 2000.[15] The magazine had a circulation of 254,000 copies in 2003.[6] Its readership in 2005 was about 14%, making it the first in its category.[16] In 2007 the magazine had a circulation of 285,000 copies.[17]

For the first half of 2008 the magazine had a circulation of 125,710 copies.[18] It was the third best-selling magazine in the country in 2008.[19] The circulation of the magazine was 215,000 copies in 2010.[20] The 2012 circulation of the magazine was 125.751 copies[7] and it was 135,875 copies in the first half of 2013.[11]


In June 2005, NEWS was fined by an Austrian court following its publication of then Finance Minister Karl Heinz Grasser's photos kissing Fiona Swarovski, an heiress of the Swarovski crystal dynasty.[21]

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