NCAA Division III Women's Lacrosse Championship

The annual NCAA Division III Women's Lacrosse Championship tournament has determined the top women's lacrosse team in the NCAA Division III since 1985.[1]

NCAA Division III Women's Lacrosse Championship
SportWomen's college lacrosse
No. of teams40
CountryUnited States
Most recent
TV partner(s)ESPNU

The current champions are Middlebury College. The College of New Jersey, previously known as Trenton State, is the most successful program with 12 total titles, the most recent coming in 2006.[2]


See Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Champions for the 1981 and 1982 Division III women's lacrosse champions.

NCAA Division III Women's Lacrosse Championship
Year Site
(Host Team)
Championship Semifinalists
Champion Score Runner-up
1985 Philadelphia, PA
Trenton State 7–4 Ursinus Drew and Lynchburg
1986 College Park, MD
Ursinus 12–10 Trenton State Lynchburg and Wheaton (IL)
1987 Trenton State 8–7
Ursinus Western Maryland and William Smith
1988 Haverford, PA
Trenton State 14–11 William Smith Johns Hopkins and Ursinus
1989 West Chester, PA
(West Chester)
Ursinus 8–6 Trenton State St. Lawrence and William Smith
1990 Princeton, NJ
Ursinus 7–6 St. Lawrence Roanoke and Trenton State
1991 Ewing Township, NJ
(Trenton State)
Trenton State 7–6 Ursinus Franklin & Marshall and William Smith
1992 Bethlehem, PA
Trenton State † 5-3 William Smith Roanoke and Ursinus
1993 College Park, MD
Trenton State 10–9 William Smith Franklin & Marshall and Johns Hopkins
1994 Trenton State 29–11 William Smith Johns Hopkins and Middlebury
1995 Ewing Township, NJ
(Trenton State)
Trenton State 15–14 William Smith Johns Hopkins and Middlebury
1996 Bethlehem, PA
TCNJ 15–8 Middlebury Goucher and Ursinus
1997 Middlebury 14–9 TCNJ Johns Hopkins and William Smith
1998 Baltimore, MD
TCNJ 12–11
Williams Hartwick and Middlebury
1999 Baltimore, MD
(Johns Hopkins)
Middlebury 10–9 Amherst TCNJ and William Smith
2000 Ewing Township, NJ
TCNJ 14–8 Williams Middlebury and Salisbury State
2001 Baltimore, MD
(Johns Hopkins)
Middlebury 11–10
Amherst Mary Washington and TCNJ
2002 Glassboro, NJ
Middlebury 12–6 TCNJ Amherst and Mary Washington
2003 Rochester, NY
(St. John Fisher)
Amherst 11–9 Middlebury TCNJ and William Smith
2004 Middlebury 13–11
TCNJ Amherst and Salisbury
2005 Ewing Township, NJ
TCNJ 9–7 Salisbury Colorado College and Middlebury
2006 Hoboken, NJ
TCNJ 10–4 Gettysburg Cortland and Middlebury
2007 Geneva, NY
(William Smith)
Franklin & Marshall 11–8 Salisbury Gettysburg and Middlebury
2008 Salem, VA
Hamilton 13–6 Franklin & Marshall TCNJ and Salisbury
2009 Franklin & Marshall 11–10
Salisbury Gettysburg and Hamilton
2010 Gettysburg, PA
Salisbury 7–6 Hamilton Franklin & Marshall and Gettysburg
2011 Garden City, NY
Gettysburg 16–5 Bowdoin Cortland and TCNJ
2012 Montclair, NJ
(Montclair State)
Trinity (CT) 8–7 Salisbury Cortland and Middlebury
2013 Stevenson, MD
Salisbury 12–5 Trinity (CT) Cortland and Middlebury
2014 Gettysburg, PA
Salisbury 9–6 Trinity (CT) Amherst and Cortland
2015 Philadelphia, PA SUNY Cortland 17-6 Trinity (CT) Middlebury and Franklin & Marshall
2016 Philadelphia, PA Middlebury 9-5 Trinity (CT) SUNY Cortland and Franklin & Marshall
2017 Salem, VA
Gettysburg 6-5 TCNJ Trinity (CT) and Washington & Lee
2018 Salem, VA
Gettysburg 11-9 Middlebury Salisbury and TCNJ
2019 Ashland, VA
Middlebury 14–9 Salisbury Tufts and Wesleyan

NCAA vacated the 1992 Trenton State title due to use of an ineligible player during the tournament

Championship Records

TeamChampionship RecordWinning years
Trenton State/TCNJ12-6 †1985, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2005, 2006
Middlebury7–31997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2016, 2019
Gettysburg3–12011, 2017, 2018
Salisbury3–52010, 2013, 2014
Ursinus3–31986, 1989, 1990
Franklin & Marshall2–12007, 2009
SUNY Cortland1-02015
William Smith0–5
St. Lawrence0–1

NCAA vacated the 1992 Trenton State title due to use of an ineligible player during the tournament

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