NB Tankard

The NB Tankard is the New Brunswick provincial championship for men's curling. It was formerly called the Papa John's Pizza Tankard, Pepsi Tankard, Molson Canadian Men's Provincial Curling Championship, Alexander Keith's Tankard, the Labatt Tankard and Ganong Cup. The tournament is run by the New Brunswick Curling Association. The winner represents Team New Brunswick at the Tim Hortons Brier.

NB Tankard
2019 host cityMoncton, New Brunswick
2019 arenaCurl Moncton
2019 championTerry Odishaw
Current edition
2019 NB Tankard


The eight teams that play in the provincial are selected from either the preliminary round or the wild card round.


Year Skip Winning Club
2019 Terry Odishaw Curl Moncton
2018 James Grattan Gage Golf & Country Club
2017 Mike Kennedy Capital Winter Club
2016 Mike Kennedy Grand Falls Curling Club
2015 Jeremy Mallais Thistle-St. Andrew's Curling Club
2014 James Grattan Gage Golf & Country Club
2013 James Grattan Gage Golf & Country Club
2012 Terry Odishaw Moncton Curling Club
2011 James Grattan Gage Golf & Country Club
2010 James Grattan Gage Golf & Country Club
2009 Russ HowardGage Golf & Curling Club
2008 James GrattanGage Golf & Curling Club
2007 Paul DobsonThistle-St. Andrew's Curling Club
2006James GrattanGage Golf & Curling Club
2005Wade BlanchardThistle St. Andrews
2004Russ HowardBeaver Curling Club
2003Russ HowardBeaver Curling Club
2002Russ HowardBeaver Curling Club
2001Jim SullivanThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
2000Russ HowardBeaver Curling Club
1999Russ HowardBeaver Curling Club
1998Terry OdishawMoncton Curlers Association
1997James GrattanThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1996Mike KennedyBeaver Curling Club
1995Bryan MacPhersonRiverside Curling Club
1994Brian DobsonThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1993Mike KennedyEdmundston Curling Club
1992Mike KennedyEdmundston Curling Club
1991Gary MitchellBeaver Curling Club
1990Jim SullivanCapital Winter Club
1989Gary MitchellThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1988Steve AdamsNewcastle Curling Club
1987Gary MitchellThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1986Wade BlanchardThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1985Bryan WightBeaver Curling Club
1984Arnie DobsonThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1983Charlie Sullivan, Sr.Capital Winter Club
1982Charlie Sullivan, Sr.Capital Winter Club
1981Don MixBeaver Curling Club
1980Richard BelyeaThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1979Richard BelyeaThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1978Pete MurrayThistle St. Andrews Curling Club
1977Roly MocklerFredericton Curling Club
1976Dave SullivanCapital Winter Club
1975John ClarkCapital Winter Club
1974John ClarkCapital Winter Club
1973Louis DugreCFB Curtis Park Curling Club
1972Dave SullivanFredericton Curling Club
1971Paul BordageBeausejour Curling Club
1970Harold Mabey, Jr.Moncton Curlers Association
1969Harold Mabey, Jr.Moncton Curlers Association
1968Jim AyerFredericton Curling Club
1967Charlie Sullivan, Sr.St. Andrews Curling Club
1966Charlie Sullivan, Sr.St. Andrews Curling Club
1965Peter LyonsBeausejour Curling Club
1964Harold Mabey, Sr.Moncton Curlers Association
1963Don MixBeaver Curling Club
1962Harold Mabey, Sr.Moncton Curlers Association
1961John McDonaldCampbellton Curling Club
1960Harold Mabey, Sr.Moncton Curlers Association
1959Richard McCullyBeaver Curling Club
1958Jim VanceBeaver Curling Club
1957Ken EverettCarleton Curling Club
1956Ralph ListerBeaver Curling Club
1955Edgar St. PierreEdmundston Curling Club
1954Richard McCullyBeaver Curling Club
1953Ralph NobleBeaver Curling Club
1952Vic LimerickFredericton Curling Club
1951Nick ThobodeauBathurst Curling Club
1950Jim VanceBeaver Curling Club
1949Rob GallowayNewcastle Curling Club
1948Henry HolliesSt. Andrews Curling Club
1947Art LimerickFredericton Curling Club
1946Fenwick McKelveySt. Andrews Curling Club
1945Not held
1944Dan ConnollyBathurst Curling Club
1943Not held
1942Dan ConnollyBathurst Curling Club
1941John MalcolmThistle Curling Club
1940Nick ThibodeauBathurst Curling Club
1939Judge LimerickFredericton Curling Club
1938Dan ConnollyBathurst Curling Club
1937Charles BarryFredericton Curling Club
1936Reginald ShivesCampbellton Curling Club
1935Nick ThibodeauBathurst Curling Club
1934Waldo CrockerNewcastle Curling Club
1933Johnny MalcolmThistle Curling Club
1932Nick ThibodeauBathurst Curling Club
1931Nick ThibodeauBathurst Curling Club
1930Arthur McWhaSt. Stephen Curling Club
1929Wendell McDonaldMoncton Curlers Association
1928Johnny MalcolmThistle Curling Club
1927Johnny MalcolmSaint John Composite Rink (assembled by the New Brunswick Curling Association)


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