NAIA Women's Tennis Championship

The NAIA Women's Tennis Championship is the annual tournament to determine the national champions of women's NAIA collegiate tennis in the United States and Canada. Held annually since 1981, three separate championships are contested each year: team, singles, and doubles.[1]

NAIA Women's Tennis Championship
CountryUnited States and Canada
Most recent
Georgia Gwinnett (4)

The most successful program are Auburn–Montgomery, with 14 NAIA national titles.

The current champions are Georgia Gwinnett, who won their first national title in 2014.


1981Overland Park, KansasGrand Canyon
1982Overland Park, KansasWestmont
1983Overland Park, KansasCharleston
1984Overland Park, KansasArkansas-Little Rock (1)
1985Overland Park, KansasArkansas-Little Rock (2)
1986Overland Park, KansasNorth Florida
1987Overland Park, KansasFlagler (1)
1988Overland Park, KansasFlagler (2)
1989Overland Park, KansasFlagler (3)
1990Overland Park, KansasFlagler (4)
1991Overland Park, KansasFlagler (5)
1992Overland Park, KansasAuburn Montgomery (1)
1993Overland Park, KansasLynn (1)
1994Tulsa, OklahomaMobile
1995Tulsa, OklahomaLynn (2)
1996Tulsa, OklahomaLynn (3)
1997Tulsa, OklahomaBrigham Young-Hawaii (1)
1998Tulsa, OklahomaBrigham Young-Hawaii (2)
1999Boca Raton, FloridaAuburn Montgomery (2)
Brenau (1)
2000Lexington, KentuckyAuburn Montgomery (3)
2001Lexington, KentuckyAuburn Montgomery (4)
2002Peachtree City, GeorgiaBrenau (2)
2003Peachtree City, GeorgiaNorthwood-Florida
2004Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (5)
2005Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (6)
2006Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (7)
2007Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (8)
2008Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (9)
2009Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (10)
2010Mobile, AlabamaFresno Pacific
2011Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (11)
2012Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (12)
2013Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (13)
2014Mobile, AlabamaGeorgia Gwinnett College (1)
2015Mobile, AlabamaAuburn Montgomery (14)
2016Mobile, AlabamaGeorgia Gwinnett College (2)
2017Mobile, AlabamaGeorgia Gwinnett College (3)
2018Mobile, AlabamaGeorgia Gwinnett College (4)

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