My Lord Conceit

My Lord Conceit is a 1921 British crime film directed by F. Martin Thornton and starring Evelyn Boucher, Maresco Marisini and Rowland Myles.[1]

My Lord Conceit
Directed byFloyd Martin Thornton
Written byEliza Margaret Humphries (pseudonym "Rita")
F. Martin Thornton
Distributed byStoll Pictures
Release date
February 1921
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles


  • Evelyn Boucher as Beryl Foster
  • Maresco Marisini as Count Savona
  • Rowland Myles as Ivor Grant
  • E.L. Frewyn as Sir Hector Grant
  • Frank Petley as John Marsden
  • J. Edwards Barker as Dr. Clark
  • Emilie Nichol as Mrs. Grant
  • Eric George as Cyril
  • Thornton Edwards as Jackie
  • Coomarie Gawthorne as Matabia


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