My Lady of Whims

My Lady of Whims is a 1925 American silent comedy film directed by Dallas M. Fitzgerald. The film was originally seven reels, but a shortened five reel version survives. This film starred Clara Bow at age 20.

My Lady of Whims
Film poster
Directed byDallas M. Fitzgerald
Produced byDallas Fitzgerald Prods.
Written byDoris Schroeder
Based on"Protecting Prudence"
by Edgar Franklin
StarringClara Bow
CinematographyJack Young
Distributed byArrow Film Corporation
Release date
  • December 1925 (1925-12)
Running time
7 reels (approximately 70 minutes)
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


Two "ex-doughboys" Bartley Greer and Dick Flynn, are up for any dangerous mission that comes their way, and one does in the form of a request from father and elder sister Mary Severn to rescue daughter/younger sister Prudence Severn from the clutches of the wild bohemian life in Greenwich Village. "Prue" wants to become an author and is rooming with gal pal artist Wayne Leigh in a studio in the Village. Greer quickly befriends Prue, but the friendship sours when she discovers that he is working on behalf of her father. She literally returns to the embrace of Rolf, a bohemian watercolorist, and eludes Greer to go to a scandalous costume party with Rolf wearing a skintight costume (scandalous even by contemporary flapper standards). "The skintight, transparent dress Bow wears during the party sequence caused a sensation at the time of the film's release; the Cedar Rapids Tribune said it made "the eyes of every flapper bulge."".[1] In a bid to permanently get rid of Greer and further interference from her father, Prue resolves to elope with Rolf and get married on a yacht sailing to international waters. By a stroke of luck, Greer discovers her plan and is hot in her wake to stop the ceremony before it's too late.


DVD release

My Lady of Whims was released on Region 0 DVD-R by Alpha Video on September 1, 2015.[2] The Alpha version is 43 minutes long and is missing some key plot points: After the opening credits there are missing establishment shots introducing Keith and Moran's characters as Soldiers of Fortune. After they take the job to bring Bow back home, a sub plot of Moran romancing Geraghty's character is largely missing. Some scenes that connect the story line of following Bow from Village Apartment to the costume party and back to the Village again, and how Keith is able to track her whereabouts are missing. A subplot of Keith attempting to make MacDonald's character take a long trip out of town to Hollywood with the help of waterfront tough guys Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart is missing. Finally, the boat trip back to port with a seasick MacDonald and necking Moran and Geraghty is missing. A 59:55 minute version[3] does contain these scenes, but is not readily available from most Home DVD distributors.


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