My Brother from Senegal

My Brother from Senegal (French: Mon frangin du Sénégal) is a 1953 French comedy film directed by Guy Lacourt and starring Raymond Bussières, Annette Poivre and Noël Roquevert.[1]

My Brother from Senegal
Raymond Bussières and Annette Poivre
Directed byGuy Lacourt
Produced byAlbert Mazaleyrat
Georges Sénamaud
Written byNorbert Carbonnaux
StarringRaymond Bussières
Annette Poivre
Noël Roquevert
Music byNorbert Glanzberg
CinematographyRoger Dormoy
Marcel Weiss
Edited byMarcelle Lioret
Société Lyonnaise de Production de Films
Distributed bySofradis
Release date
20 November 1953
Running time
85 minutes


A young photographer is in love with the daughter of a nearby grocer. However she is obsessed with the adventurous heroes she watches in films. To impress her he decides to invent an identical twin recently returned from French Africa.


  • Raymond Bussières as Jules Pinson, photograph and son "double": César
  • Annette Poivre as Annette Bridoux, the daughter of the grocer
  • Noël Roquevert as Mr Bridoux, the grocer and father of Annette
  • Paulette Dubost as Séraphine, the maidservant of Mr Chaffinch
  • Paul Demange as the ancient colonial
  • Marcelle Arnold as Mrs Angèle
  • Sophie Sel as Mrs Sophie, the florist
  • Jacques Fabbri as the corporal of police station
  • Gisèle Grandpré as the lady who makes photograph her binoculars
  • Irène Bréor as the singer in the ball
  • Albert Michel as the state trooper of the circulation
  • Lud Germain as the hired black as clerk
  • Louis Viret as the mister who puts down posters
  • Eugène Stuber as an inhabitant beater
  • Franck Maurice as an inhabitant beater
  • Martine Beauvais as the lady to the small dog
  • Louis de Funès as the doctor


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