Mwanga District

Mwanga is one of the seven districts of the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the northeast by Kenya, to the northwest by the Moshi Rural District, to the southwest by the Manyara Region, and to the south by the Same District. Its administrative seat is the town of Mwanga.

Mwanga District
RegionKilimanjaro Region

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Mwanga District was 115,145.

According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Mwanga District was 131,442.[1]


The Mwanga District is administratively divided into 16 wards:

  • Chomvu
  • Jipe
  • Kifula
  • Kighare
  • Kileo
  • Kilomeni
  • Kirongwe
  • Kirya
  • Kwakoa
  • Lang'ata
  • Lembeni
  • Msangeni
  • Mwanga
  • Mwaniko
  • Ngujini
  • Shigatini


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