Muskegon Risers SC

The Muskegon Risers are an American soccer team based in Muskegon, Michigan. The team participates in the National Premier Soccer League for its outdoor season in the summer and Major Arena Soccer League 2 for its arena season in the winter. Kehren Stadium[1] and L. C. Walker Arena are home to the Risers for their outdoor and arena seasons respectively. Ben Ritsema is the head coach of the Muskegon Risers arena team, and Stu Collins is the head coach of the Muskegon Risers outdoor team.

Muskegon Risers
StadiumKehren Stadium (Outdoor) Muskegon Catholic Central
L.C. Walker Arena (Arena) Muskegon, Michigan
Head CoachBen Ritsema (Arena), Stu Collins (Outdoor)
Major Arena Soccer League 2
WebsiteClub website

In April 2019, it was announced that the team will play in the National Premier Soccer League Great Lakes Conference beginning in 2020.[2] On November 2, 2017 the club announced that it would take part in the inaugural season of Major Arena Soccer League 2.[3]

Origin of the name

'Risers' name was inspired by the 'Muskegon, Together Rising' sculpture that stands in the heart of downtown Muskegon.[4]



Year Tier League Regular Season Playoffs U.S. Open Cup Average
2015 N/A Independent 10–3–1[5] N/A DNQ
2016 N/A Independent 5–6–1[6][7] N/A DNQ
2017 5 PLA 5–2–3[8] DNQ DNQ
2018 5 UPSL 4–3–3 DNQ DNQ


Year League Regular Season Playoffs Average
2014–15 Independent 1–0–0[9] N/A
2015–16 Independent 0–2–0[10][11] N/A
2016–17 PASL 3rd of 5, Great Lakes Division (3–3–2)[12] DNQ
2017–18 MASL2 4th of 5, Eastern Division (3–9) DNQ


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