Museum Week

MuseumWeek is an online and offline global event that take place during a week each year with the participation of museums, associations and cultural institutions.[1]

Created in 2014 from the commitment of twelve French museums wishing to expand their audience.[2] Each annual event promotes an international cause.

In 2015, the second event, MuseumWeek became the most important global cultural event on Twitter.[3][4]


An international event

Whatever their size, location or collection, institutions open their doors virtually and physically and communicate through a series of seven hashtags (including the hashtag #MuseumWeek), at the rate of one per day for a week.[5] Launched in 2014 on Twitter, Museum Week brought together almost 700 European institutions on Twitter in the first year.[6]

The 4th event took place in 2017 on new platforms: Instagram, Snapchat, the Chinese social network Weibo, and the Russian network Vkontakte. The event is organized by the association Culture for Causes Network. Each year, MuseumWeek takes advantage of its leading position to promote an international good cause. The operation mobilized 2,200 institutions, museums, libraries, galleries in 2016 and has expanded to 75 countries in 2017.[7]

Almost 5 000 institutions participated in 2018, in 120 country.[8]

In 2019, MuseumWeek, through the hashtag #WomenInCulture[9], highlights the values of women in culture, whether to evoke the feminine talent, the woman yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Among some events one was in Paris with the artist Adelaide Damoah at the Cite nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration [10] and in New York at Michele Mariaud Gallery with the artist Laurence de Valmy[11][12].

Year Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
24–30 March
#CoulissesMW #QuizzMW #LoveMW #ImagineMW #QuestionMW #ArchiMW #CreaMW
23–29 March
#SecretsMW #SouvenirsMW #ArchitectureMW #InspirationMW #FamilyMW #FavMW #PoseMW
28 March – 3 April
#SecretsMW #PeopleMW #ArchitectureMW #HeritageMW #FutureMW #ZoomMW #LoveMW
19–25 June
#FoodMW #SportsMW #MusicMW #StoriesMW #BooksMW #TravelsMW #HeritageMW
23–29 April
#WomenMW #CityMW #HeritageMW #ProfessionsMW #KidsMW #NatureMW #DifferenceMW
13–19 May
#WomenInCulture #SecretsMW #PlayMW #RainbowMW #ExploreMW #PhotoMW #FriendsMW


In 2015, the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie organized an event asking one question: What is the cultural heritage of our time that will be passed on to future generations? In response, the institution set out to keep all Tweets featuring the word #MuseumWeek, issued during MuseumWeek 2015, in a time capsule. With a size of 60 × 30 × 28.6 cm and a weight of 30 kilos, the capsule is designed in acrylic, glass, carbon fibre, and metal. Sealed on March 29, 2015 at midnight, it will not be opened before 2035 and contains information for future generations on our way of life and our consumption of art in 2015.[13]


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