Muse Records

Muse Records was a jazz record company and label founded in New York City by Joe Fields in 1972.[1]

Muse Records
Parent companySavoy Jazz
Founded1972 (1972)
FounderJoe Fields
Defunct1997 (1997)
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew York City

Fields worked as an executive for Prestige Records in the 1960s.[2] Several of the albums were previously released on Cobblestone Records. Muse also had another label, Onyx Records, which operated until 1978, when Fields and collaborator Don Schlitten ended their professional relationship.[3]

In the late 1970s, Muse partnered with the Dutch Timeless Records to distribute Timeless Muse.

Muse was sold in 1996 to 32 Jazz, which repackaged and reissued a large amount of Muse recordings.[4][5][6][7] In 2003, Savoy Jazz (which had become a subsidiary of Nippon Columbia) acquired the rights to the Muse catalog (along with that of Landmark) from 32 Jazz.[8]

Fields later founded HighNote Records and Savant Records; many Muse artists later recorded for these labels as well.


From 1972 until 1995 Muse released around 500 albums.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19]

Cat Artist Album Year
5001 James Moody Never Again!1972
5002 Richard Davis Epistrophy & Now's the Time1972
5003 Roy Brooks The Free Slave1970
5004 Jimmy Raney Strings & Swings1957, 1969
5005 Don Patterson The Return of Don Patterson1972
5006 Sonny Stitt 12!1972
5007 Jaki Byard There'll Be Some Changes Made1972
5008 Muddy Waters Blues Band Mud in Your Ear1967
5009 Mark Murphy Bridging a Gap1972
5010 Cedar Walton A Night At Boomers, Vol. 11973
5011 Chick Corea Bliss! [re-release of Douglas SD 782]1967
5012 Tiny Grimes Profoundly Blue1973
5013 Dom Um Romao Dom Um Romao1973
5014 Grant Green Green Blues [re-release of Jazztime JT 003]1961
5015 Cecil Payne and Duke Jordan Brooklyn Brothers1973
5016 Al Cohn and Zoot Sims Body and Soul1973
5017 Joao Donato Donato Deodato1973
5018 Kenny Barron Sunset to Dawn1973
5019 Eric Kloss One, Two, Free1972
5020 James Moody Feelin' It Together1973
5021 Muddy Waters Blues Band Chicken Shack1974
5022 Cedar Walton A Night At Boomers, Vol. 21973
5023 Sonny Stitt The Champ1973
5024 The Visitors In My Youth1972
5025 Catalyst Perception1972
5026 Pat Martino Pat Martino/Live!1972
5027 Richard Davis Dealin'1972
5028 Jimmy Heath Love and Understanding1973
5029 Neal Creque The Hands of Time1973
5030 Bobby Pierce New York1973
5031 Albert Heath Kwanza (The First)1973
5032 Don Patterson These Are Soulful Days1973
5033 Bu Pleasant Ms. Bu1973
5034 Red Rodney Bird Lives!1973
5035 Joe Chambers The Almoravid1971, 1973
5036 Willis Jackson West Africa1973
5037 Phil Woods Musique du Bois1974
5038 Eric Kloss Essence1973
5039 Pat Martino Consciousness1974
5040 Carlos Garnett Black Love1974
5041 Mark Murphy Mark II1973
5042 Catalyst Unity1974
5043 Eddie Jefferson Things Are Getting Better1974
5044 Kenny Barron Peruvian Blue1974
5045 Teddy Edwards Feelin's1974
5046 Red Rodney Superbop1974
5047 The Visitors Rebirth1974
5048 Willis Jackson Headed and Gutted1974
5049 Dom Um Romao Spirit of the Times1973
5052 Louis Hayes Breath of Life1974
5053 Kenny Dorham Ease It! [re-release of Jazztime JT 001]1961
5054 Harold Vick Commitment1967
5055 Lester Bowie Fast Last!1974
5056 Kenny Clarke and Francy Boland Open Door1967
5057 Carlos Garnett Journey to Enlightenment1974
5058 Woody Shaw The Moontrane1974
5059 Cedar Walton Firm Roots1974
5060 Walter Bishop Jr. Valley Land1974
5061 Cecil Payne Bird Gets the Worm1976
5062 Robin Kenyatta Nomusa1975
5063 Eddie Jefferson Still on the Planet1976
5064 Linc Chamberland A Place Within1976
5065 Joe Bonner The Lifesaver1974
5066 Walter Bishop Jr. Speak Low [=Jazztime JT 002]1961
5067 Sonny Stitt Mellow1975
5068 Sonny Criss Crisscraft1975
5069 Catalyst A Tear and a Smile1975
5070 Kenny Barron Lucifer1975
5071 Creative Construction Company Creative Construction Company1970
5072 Stan Bronstein Our Island Music1976
5073 David Matthews Big Band Live at the Five Spot1975
5074 Woody Shaw Love Dance1975
5075 Pat Martino Exit1976
5076 Clifford Jordan Night of the Mark VII1975
5077 Eric Kloss Bodies' Warmth1975
5078 Mark Murphy Mark Murphy Sings1975
5079 Carlos Garnett Let This Melody Ring On1975
5080 Buster Williams Pinnacle1975
5081 Lester Bowie Rope-A-Dope1975
5082 Richie Cole and Eric Kloss Battle of the Saxes1976
5083 Richard Davis With Understanding [=Cobblestone CST 9003]1971
5084 Rickie Boger Slow Down Baby1975
5085 Dom Salvador My Family1976
5086 Hermeto Pascoal Hermeto [=Cobblestone CST 9000]1972
5087 Elmore James / Eddie Taylor Street Talkin' [=Cobblesone CST 9001]1964
5088 Red Rodney The Red Tornado1975
5089 Sonny Criss Out of Nowhere1975
5090 Pat Martino We'll Be Together Again1976
5091 Sonny Stitt My Buddy: Sonny Stitt Plays for Gene Ammons1975
5092 Dave Pike Time Out of Mind1975
5093 Richard Davis and Jill McManus As One1975
5094 The Visitors Motherland1975
5095 Robin Kenyatta Beggars and Stealers1969, 1975
5096 Pat Martino Footprints [=Cobblestone CST 9015]1972
5097 Creative Construction Company Creative Construction Company Vol. II1970
5098 Dave Matthews' Big Band Night Flight1976
5099 Etta Jones Ms. Jones to You1976
5100 Willis Jackson In the Alley1976
5101 Buster Williams Crystal Reflections1976
5102 Mark Murphy Stolen Moments1978
5103 Woody Shaw Little Red's Fantasy1976
5104 Carlos Garnett Cosmos Nucleus1976
5105 Clifford Jordan Remembering Me-Me1976
5106 Steve Kuhn Raindrops: Live in New York [=Cobblestone CST 9020]1972
5107 Harold Ousley The People's Groove1972, 1976
5108 David Schnitter Invitation1976
5109 David Friesen Color Pool1975
5110 Houston Person Stolen Sweets1976
5111 Red Rodney Red, White and Blues1976
5112 Eric Kloss and Barry Miles Together1976
5113 Stan Bronstein Living on the Avenue1976
5114 Joe Bonner Angel Eyes1974, 1976
5115 Richard Davis Harvest1977
5116 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson The "Clean" Machine1978
5117 Woody Shaw In The Beginning [unissued, released as 5298]1965
5118 Sonny Phillips My Black Flower1976
5119 Richie Cole New York Afternoon1976
5120 Grant Green Iron City [=Cobblestone CST 9002]1967
5121 Don Patterson Movin' Up!1977
5122 Emanuel K. Rahim Total Submission [=Cobblestone CST 9014?]1972
5123 Hank Jones Bop Redux1977
5124 Barry Altschul You Can't Name Your Own Tune1977
5125 Louis Hayes The Real Thing1977
5126 Charles Earland Smokin' [3 tracks reissued from Choice CMG-520]1969, 1977
5127 Eddie Jefferson The Live-liest1976
5128 Clifford Jordan Inward Fire1977
5129 Sonny Stitt Blues for Duke1975
5130 Red Garland Feelin' Red1978
5131 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry You Hear Me Talkin'1958-1961
5132 Cedar Walton / Hank Mobley Quintet Breakthrough! [=Cobblestone CST 9011]1972
5133 Carlos Garnett The New Love1977
5134 Groove Holmes Shippin' Out1977
5135 Red Rodney Home Free1977
5136 Houston Person The Big Horn1976
5138 Jimmy Heath Jimmy [=Cobblestone CST 9012]1972
5139 Woody Shaw The Woody Shaw Concert Ensemble at the Berliner Jazztage1976
5140 Kenny Barron and Ted Dunbar In Tandem1975
5141 Harlod Ousley Sweet Double Hipness1972
5142 Walter Bishop Jr. Soul Village1977
5143 Jonothan Schwartz Jonathan Schwartz Sings Arthur Schwartz: Alone Together1977
5144 Kenny Burrell Handcrafted1978
5145 Etta Jones My Mother's Eyes1977
5146 Willis Jackson The Gator Horn1977
5147 Eric Kloss Now1978
5148 Don Patterson Why Not...1978
5149 Sam Jones Something in Common1977
5150 Vic Juris Roadsong1977
5151 Walter Bishop Jr. Cubicle1978
5152 Bill Hardman Home1978
5153 David Schnitter Goliath1977
5154 Eddie Daniels Brief Encounter1977
5155 Richie Cole Alto Madness1977
5156 Charles Earland Mama Roots [some reissued from Choice label]1969, 1977
5157 Sonny Phillips I Concentrate On You1977
5158 Johnny Lytle Everything Must Change1977
5159 Junior Cook Good Cookin'1979
5160 Woody Shaw The Iron Men1977
5161 Houston Person Wild Flower1977
5162 Willis Jackson Bar Wars1977
5163 Clifford Jordan The Adventurer1978
5164 Gene Ludwig Now's the Time1979
5165 Joe Chambers with Larry Young Double Exposure1978
5166 Morgana King Stretchin' Out1977
5167 Groove Holmes Good Vibrations1977
5168 Dave Pike On a Gentle Note1977
5169 Hank Jones Groovin' High1978
5170 Catalyst Catalyst [=Cobblestone CST 9018?]1972
5171 Buster Williams Heartbeat1978
5172 Walt Barr First Visit1978
5173 Jaki Byard Family Man1978
5174 Mickey Tucker Mister Mysterious1978
5175 Etta Jones If You Could See Me Now1978
5176 Barry Altschul Another Time, Another Place1978
5177 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Hootin'1958-1961
5178 Houston Person The Nearness of You1977
5179 Willis Jackson and Pat Martino Single Action1978
5180 Richard Davis Way Out West1977
5181 Charles Earland Infant Eyes1978
5182 Pepper Adams Reflectory1978
5183 Walter Bishop Jr. Hot House1977, 1978
5184 Bill Hardman Politely1981
5185 Johnny Lytle Fast Hands1980
5186 Ron Escheté To Let You Know I Care1978
5188 Ricky Ford Manhattan Plaza1978
5190 Morgana King Everything Must Change1978
5191 Arnett Cobb Live at Sandy's!1978
5192 Richie Cole Keeper of the Flame1978
5193 Charlie Shoemake Sunstroke1978
5194 Mack Goldsbury Anthropo-Logic1978
5195 The Visitors Neptune [=Cobblestone CST 9010?]1971
5196 Eric Kloss Celebration1979
5197 David Schnitter Thundering1978
5198 Buddy Tate Live at Sandy's1978
5199 Houston Person Suspicions1980
5200 Willis Jackson and Von Freeman Lockin' Horns1978
5201 Charles Earland Pleasant Afternoon1978
5202 Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis The Heavy Hitter1979
5203 Dave Pike Let the Minstrels Play On1978
5204 Sonny Stitt Sonny's Back1980
5205 John Lee Hooker Sittin' Here Thinkin'1961
5206 Vic Juris Horizon Drive1979
5207 Richie Cole Hollywood Madness1979
5208 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Live at Sandy's1978
5209 Red Rodney Live at the Village Vanguard1980
5210 Walt Barr East Winds1979
5211 Steve Giordano Daybreak1979
5212 Various Artists Cryin' in the Morning 
5213 Pepper Adams The Master...1980
5214 Etta Jones Save Your Love for Me1980
5215 Mark Murphy Satisfaction Guaranteed1979
5216 Kenny Burrell Kenny Burrell Live at the Village Vanguard1978
5217 Helen Humes Helen Humes and the Muse All Stars1979
5218 Junior Cook Somethin's Cookin'1981
5219 Memphis Slim I'll Just Keep On Singin' The Blues 
5220 Kenny Barron Golden Lotus1980
5221 Charlie Shoemake Blue Shoe1979
5222 David Schnitter Glowing1979
5223 Mickey Tucker The Crawl1979
5224 Morgana King Higher Ground1979
5226 Neal Creque Black Velvet Rose [=Cobblestone CST 9005]1972
5227 Ricky Ford Flying Colors1980
5228 Sonny Stitt In Style1981
5229 Gil Goldstein Wrapped in Your Cloud1980
5230 Tony Scott Golden Moments1959
5231 Houston Person Very PERSONal1980
5232 Charles "Bobo" Shaw and Human Arts Ensemble P'NKJ'ZZ1981
5233 Helen Humes Helen1980
5234 David Newman Resurgence!1980
5235 Bill Barron Jazz Caper1978
5236 Arnett Cobb More...Live at Sandy's!1978
5237 Phil Woods and Richie Cole Side By Side1980
5238 Walt Barr Artful Dancer1980
5239 Groove Holmes Broadway1980
5240 Charles Earland In the Pocket1982
5241 Kenny Burrell Kenny Burrell in New York1978
5242 Ira Sullivan Ira Sullivan Does It All1981
5243 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Hold It Right There!1978
5244 Cedar Walton and Abbey Lincoln The Maestro1980
5245 Richie Cole Cool C1981
5246 Ron Escheté Line Up1980
5247 Lou Donaldson Sweet Poppa Lou1981
5248 Melvin Sparks Sparkling1981
5249 Buddy Tate Hard Blowin'1978
5250 Ricky Ford Tenor for the Times1981
5251 Bruce Forman River Journey1981
5252 Art Hodes Someone to Watch Over Me1981
5253 Mark Murphy Bop for Kerouac1981
5255 David Friesen Storyteller1981
5256 Albert Dailey Textures1981
5257 Morgana King Looking Through the Eyes of Love1981
5258 Jon Hendricks Love1981, 1982
5259 Bill Hardman Focus1980
5260 Houston Person Heavy Juice1982
5261 Dave Pike Moon Bird1981
5262 Etta Jones Love Me With All Your Heart1983
5263 Linc Chamberland Yet To Come1981
5264 Kenny Burrell Listen to the Dawn1980
5265 Vic Juris Bleecker Street1981
5266 Tony Scott I'll Remember1959
5267 Red Rodney Hi Jinx at the Vanguard1980
5268 Charles "Bobo" Shaw Bugle Boy Bop1977
5269 Sonny Stitt The Last Stitt Sessions Vol. 11982
5270 Richie Cole Alive!1981
5271 Johnny Lytle Good Vibes1981
5272 Harold Land Xocia's Dance1981
5273 Bruce Forman 20/201981
5274 Red Rodney and Ira Sullivan Night and Day1981
5275 Ricky Ford Interpretations1982
5276 Mitch Farber Starclimber1982
5279 Art Hodes and Milt Hinton Just the Two of Us1981
5280 Sonny Stitt The Last Stitt Sessions Vol. 21982
5281 Kenny Burrell Groovin' High1981
5282 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson & Roomful of Blues1982
5283 David Newman Still Hard Times1982
5286 Mark Murphy The Artistry of Mark Murphy1982
5287 Stephane Grappelli and Hank Jones Stephane Grapelli and Hank Jones [=String 33852]1979
5288 Jimmy Witherspoon Jimmy Witherspoon Sings the Blues 
5289 Houston Person Always on My Mind1985
5290 Red Rodney The 3R's1979
5291 Eric Kloss Doors [=Cobblestone CST 9006] 
5292 Lou Donaldson Back Street1982
5293 Big Joe Turner Blues Train1983
5294 Willis Jackson Nothing Butt...1980
5295 Richie Cole Some Things Speak for Themselves [=Seven Seas K28P-6067]1981
5296 Ricky Ford Future's Gold1983
5297 Mark Murphy Brazil Song1983
5298 Woody Shaw In the Beginning1965
5299 Bruce Forman In Transit1982
5301 Morgana King Portraits1983
5302 Esther Phillips A Way to Say Goodbye1984
5303 Larry Coryell Comin' Home1984
5304 Bobby Pierce Piercing [=Cobblestone CST 9016]1972
5305 Mal Waldron and David Friesen Encounters1984
5306 Bill Barron Variations in Blue1984
5307 Red Rodney and Ira Sullivan Alive in New York1980
5308 Mark Murphy Mark Murphy Sings the Nat King Cole Songbook1983
5309 Bud Shank This Bud's for You...1984
5310 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Sings the Blues1978, 1982
5311 Red Garland I Left My Heart...1978
5312 Earle Warren Earle Warren and the Count's Men1985
5313 Pepper Adams and Frank Foster Generations1985
5314 Ricky Ford Shorter Ideas1984
5315 Bruce Forman The Bash1982
5316 Willis Jackson Ya Understand Me? [=Black & Blue 33810]1980
5317 Kenny Burrell A la Carte1983
5318 Woody Shaw Setting Standards1983
5319 Larry Coryell Equipoise1985
5320 Mark Murphy Murphy, Mark Sings the Nat King Cole Songbook Vol. 21983
5322 Ricky Ford Looking Ahead 
5323 Sonny Stitt Constellation [=Cobblestone CST 9021]1972
5324 Jimmy Ponder Mean Streets – No Bridges1987
5325 Jonothan Schwartz Anyone Would Love You1985
5326 Morgana King Simply Eloquent1986
5327 Jimmy Witherspoon Midnight Lady Called the Blues1986
5328 Pat Martino The Return 
5329 Woody Shaw Solid1986
5330 Bobby Jones The Legacy of Bobby Jones 
5331 Houston Person The Talk of the Town1987
5332 Members Only Members Only1987
5333 Etta Jones Fine and Mellow1986
5334 Sonny Stitt Tune-Up! [=Cobblestone CST 9013]1972
5335 Wallace Roney Verses1987
5336Hendricks, MicheleCarryin' On1987
5337Bowie, LesterHello Dolly [=Muse 5055]1974
5338 Woody Shaw Imagination1987
5339 Morgana King Another Time, Another Space1987
5340Waters, BennyFrom Paradise (Small's) to Shangri-La1987
5341 Cindy Blackman Arcane1987
5344 Houston Person Basics1987
5345 Mark Murphy Living Room1984
5346 Wallace Roney Intuition1988
5347 Jimmy Ponder Jump1988
5348 Members Only The Way You Make Me Feel1988
5349 Ricky Ford Saxotic Stomp1987
5350 Larry Coryell Toku Do1987
5351 Etta Jones I'll Be Seeing You1987
5352 Michael Carvin First Time 
5355 Mark Murphy Beauty and the Beast1985, 1986
5356 Al Cohn and Zoot Sims Body and Soul [=Muse MR 5016]1973
5358 Groove Holmes Blues All Day Long1988
5359 Mark Murphy Kerouac, Then and Now1986
5360 Larry Coryell Shining Hour1989
5361 Jack McDuff The Reentry1988
5362 Jack Walrath Wholly Trinity 
5363 Michele Hendricks Keepin' Me Satisfied1988
5365 Cindy Blackman Code Red1990
5366 Sheila Jordan and Harvie Swartz Old Time Feeling [~Palo Alto PA 8038-N]1982
5367 Akio Sasajima with Joe Henderson Akio Sasajima with Joe Henderson 
5368 Bill Barron The Next Plateau1987
5369 James Spaulding Brilliant Corners1988
5370 Michael Carvin Between Me and You1988
5371 Red Rodney Bird Lives! [=Muse MR 5034]1973
5372 Wallace Roney The Standard Bearer1989
5373 Ricky Ford Hard Groovin'1989
5374 Jack McDuff Another Real Good 'Un1989, 1990
5375 Jimmy Ponder Come On Down1990
5376 Houston Person and Ron Carter Something in Common1989
5377 Cecil Brooks III The Collective1989
5378 Jim McNeely The Plot Thickens
5379 Etta Jones Sugar1989
5380 Rod Williams Hanging in the Balance1989
5381 Gloria Lynne A Time for Love1989
5382 James Spaulding Songs of Courage1991
5383 Jay Hoggard Overview1989
5384 Buck Hill Capital Hill1989
5385 Donald Brown Sources of Inspiration1989
5386 Jerome Harris In Passing1989
5387 Johnny Lytle Happy Ground1989
5388 Shirley Scott Oasis1989
5389 Lonnie Plaxico Plaxico1989
5390 Sheila Jordan Lost and Found1989
5392 Glenna Powrie Asha1989
5394 Jimmy Ponder To Reach a Dream1988, 1989
5395 Groove Holmes Hot Tat1989
5398 Marty Ehrlich and Anthony Cox Falling Man1989
5399 Michael Carvin Revelation1989
5400 Mitch Farber Starclimber [~Muse MR 5276]1982, 1990
5401 Dakota Staton Dakota Staton1990
5402 Graham Haynes What Time It Be!1990
5403 Jack Walrath Out of the Tradition1990
5404 Michele Hendricks Me and My Shadow1990
5405 Cedar Walton As Long as There's Music1990
5406 Donald Brown People Music1990
5408 Morgana King I Just Can't Stop Loving You1990, 1991
5409 Charles Earland Whip Appeal1990
5410 Jay Hoggard The Little Tiger1990
5411 Etta Jones Christmas with Etta Jones1990
5412 Rod Williams Destiny Express1990
5413 James Spaulding Gotstabe a Better Way!1988
5414 Gloria Lynne No Detour Ahead1992
5416 Buck Hill The Buck Stops Here1990
5417 Akio Sasajima Time Remembered1989
5418 Buddy Tate, Nat Simpkins and Houston Person Just Friends1990
5419 Mark Murphy What a Way to Go1990
5420 Lorez Alexandria May I Come In1990
5421 Houston Person and Ron Carter Now's the Time1990
5422 Jack Walrath Gut Feelings1990
5423 Wallace Roney Obsession1990
5425 Sandy Graham Sandy Graham1989
5426 Larry O'Neill You Got Me Runnin'1990, 1991
5427 Lonnie Plaxico Iridescence1990
5428 Cecil Brooks III Hangin' with Smooth1990
5429 Sonny Stitt The Champ [=Muse MR 5023]1973
5430 Buster Williams Crystal Reflections [~Muse MR 5101]1976
5431 Johnny Lytle Moonchild1991
5432 Randy Johnston Walk On1991
5433 Houston Person Why Not!1990
5434 Shirley Scott Great Scott!1991
5435 Kenny Burrell and Rufus Reid Ellington a la Carte1983
5436 Mark Murphy I'll Close My Eyes1991
5437 Cindy Blackman Telepathy1992
5438 Lewis Keel Coming Out Swinging1990
5439 Big Maybelle The Last of Big Maybelle 
5441 Wallace Roney Seth Air1991
5443 Don Patterson The Genius of the B3 [=Muse MR 5005]1972
5444 Hank Jones Bop Redux [=Muse MR 5123]1977
5445 Clifford Jordan Highest Mountain [=Muse MR 5076] 
5446 Dave Pike Times Out of Mind [=Muse MR 5092] 
5447 Donald Brown Cause and Effect1991
5448 Akio Sasajima and Ron CarterAkioustically Sound1991
5449 Buck Hill I'm Beginning to See the Light1991
5450 Jay Hoggard The Fountain1991
5451 Houston Person The Party1989
5454 Graham Haynes Nocturne Parisian1991, 1992
5455 Charles Earland Unforgettable1991
5456 Ron Jackson A Guitar Thing1991
5457 Lorez Alexandria I'll Never Stop Loving You1992
5458 Michael Logan Night Out1990
5462 Dakota Staton Darling, Please Save Your Love for Me1991
5463 Frenando Tarrés On the Edges of White1991
5466 Charles Brown Blues and Other Love Songs1992
5467 James Spaulding Blues Nexus1993
5468 Sheila Jordan Heart Strings1993
5469 Antoine Roney The Traveler1992
5470 Junior Cook Somethin's Cookin' [~Muse MR 5218]1981
5471 Gil Goldstein The Sands of Time [=Muse MR 5229]1980
5472 Woody Shaw The Moontrane [=Muse MR 5058]1974
5473 Helen Humes Helen Humes and the Muse All-Stars [=Muse MR 5217] 
5474 Etta Jones Reverse the Charges1991, 1992
5475 Jack Walrath Serious Hang1992
5476 Jay Hoggard In the Spirit1992
5477 Lonnie Plaxico Short Takes 
5478 Ricky Ford Tenor Madness Too!1992
5479 Donald Brown Send One Your Love1992
5480 Houston Person The Lion and His Pride1991
5481 Charles Earland I Ain't Jivin' I'm Jammin'1992
5482 Johnny Lytle Possum Grease1992
5483 Buck Hill Impulse1992
5484 Ernie Andrews No Regrets1992
5485 Michael Carvin Each One Teach One 
5488 Lorez Alexandria Star Eyes 
5489 Sheila Jordan and Mark Murphy One for Junior1991
5492 Tex Allen Late Night1991
5493 Morgana King This Is Always1992
5494 Chris White The Chris White Project1992
5495 Randy Johnston Jubilation1992
5496 Della Griffin Travelin' Light1992
5497 Radam Schwartz Organ-ized1992
5499 Charles Earland Ready 'n Able1995
5501 John DeFrancesco Doodlin'1992
5502 Dakota Staton Isn't This a Lovely Day1992
5503 Freddy Cole This Is the Life1993
5504 Cecil Brooks III Neck Peckin' Jammie1993
5505 Philip Harper Soulful Sin1993
5507 Lafayette Harris Lafayette Is Here1992
5509 Jimmy Forrest Heart of the Forrest [=Palo Alto PAJ 8021]1978
5510 Nat Simpkins Cookin' with Some Barbeque1994
5511 Etta Jones At Last1993, 1995
5512 Randy Johnston In A-Chord1994
5514 Jimmy Ponder Soul Eyes1991
5515 Ron Jackson Thinking of You1993
5516 Fernando Tarrés Secret Rhythms1993
5518 Wallace Roney Crunchin'1993
5520 Philip Harper The Thirteenth Moon1994
5521 Cecil Brooks III Smokin' Jazz 
5522 Donald Brown Car Tunes1993
5523 Hannibal Marvin Peterson One with the Wind1993
5524 Warren Vaché Horn of Plenty1993
5525 Lonnie Plaxico With All Your Heart1993
5527 Jay Hoggard Love Is the Answer1994
5528 Joey DeFrancesco All About My Girl1994
5529 Pat Martino Interchange1994
5530 Houston Person Christmas with Houston Person and Friends1994
5531 John DeFrancesco Comin' Home1994
5533 Wallace Roney Munchin'1993
5534 Etta Jones with Benny Green My Gentleman Friend1994
5539 Russell Gunn Young Gunn1994
5540 Teddy Edwards and Houston PersonHorn to Horn1994
5541 Lafayette Harris and Melba Moore Happy Together 
5542 Cindy Blackman The Oracle1995
5543 Ernie Andrews The Great City1995
5544 Carlos Garnett Resurgence 
5546 Antoine Roney Whirling 
5547 Warren Vaché Talk to Me Baby 
5552 Pat Martino Nightwings 
5556 Jay Hoggard A Night in Greenwich Village 
5558 Arnett Cobb Live at Sandy's! [=Muse MR 5191 + MR 5236]1978
5566 Don Patterson and John Simon Legacy 
5567 Jimmy Ponder Something to Ponder1994
5568 Della Griffin I'll Get By 

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