Muqabil is a Pakistani drama television series directed by Ali Hassan, written by Zafar Mairaj. It originally aired on ARY Digita in 2016\17[1]

GenreRomance, drama
Written byZafar Mairaj
Directed byAli Hassan
StarringKubra Khan
Mohsin Abbas Haider
Country of originPakistan
Original language(s)Urdu
Producer(s)Fahad Mustafa Dr Ali Kazmi
Production location(s)Karachi



Not all parents can provide their children with everything, but attention is one of the most important thing that they can at least try and give to them.. Muqabil is a story of Parisa who’s a quiet girl and extremely reserved, she has a dominant mother who is full of herself and self made.

Parisa however, gets married to a middle class man Armaan whom she really likes and find her sanity in him. The kick is that this really confuses him that why would a girl who’s as rich as her would opt Armaan has her life partner. The two tie the knot, but the twist comes in when Parisa confesses to Armaan that the cause of her marriage with him was a man who raped her back when she was young.[3]

The story opens with Parisa (Kubra Khan) as a quiet and simple girl with reserved nature. She is taking psychotherapy and it is revealed that she has been molested when she was a child. She loves plants and the daughter of the maid Shareefa as she sees herself in her. Parisa's Mother(Saba Hameed) was a self made lady with proud nature, she hates Parisa's doings and wants her to be positive in life and share with her responsibilities of NGO. Later it is revealed that it was driver of the hose that molested Parisa. Parisa begins to like the driver's son Armaan—a well educated man, who one day comes to see his father. The two marry after a long conflict between the families and Armaan's father requested Parisa to not tell anyone about his sin. Armaan meets Parisa's Psychiatrist and knows about her secret. Parisa tells Armaan about the incident that took place when she was 10 years old. She told that his father was the one who raped her. Armaan was in drunken state and can't understand Parisa properly. When he come to his senses he realized what did she said of his father and attempts suicide, however, he was saved. Parisa says that he should forget everything about what she said thinking that it was a dream but Armaan refuses. He begins to hate both his father and Parisa. When his father comes to know that Armaan has discovered the truth, he eventually dies. Parisa held a press conference to tell her secret about child abuse to the world. She raises slogan against the child abuse and announces to be a part of her mother's NGO. The drama ends with Parisa united with Armaan starting a new life.


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