Municipalities of Vietnam

On the First Tier, Vietnam is divided into 58 provinces (Vietnamese: tỉnh) and 5 municipalities (Vietnamese: thành phố trực thuộc trung ương). Municipalities are the highest-ranked cities in Vietnam.[1] Municipalities are centrally-controlled cities and have special status equal to the Province.

The municipalities are divided into Urban Districts (quận), Towns (thị xã) and Rural Districts (huyện) as the Second Tier units. At the Third Tier, Urban Districts are divided into Wards (phường), Towns are divided into Wards (phường) and Communes (), while Rural Districts are divided into Townships (thị trấn) and Communes ().

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Current Vietnamese Municipalities

Municipalities of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Municipality Type Administrative Region Population
(2019 Census)
Hanoi Special Class Red River Delta 7,781,631 2,300 3,344.7 List
Ho Chi Minh City Special Class Southeast 8,636,899 4,100 2,095 List
Can Tho First Class Mekong Delta 1,520,000 890 1,389.6 List
Da Nang First Class South Central Coast 1,215,000 1,200 1,256 List
Hai Phong First Class Red River Delta 2,351,820 1,500 1,507.57 List

Proposed Municipalities

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