Municipalities of East Timor

East Timor is divided into 13 municipalities (former districts), one of which is also a Special Administrative Region.[1] The municipalities are divided into administrative posts (former subdistricts), and further subdivided into sucos.[2]

Municipality CapitalLargest CityArea (km2)HouseholdsPopulation (2004 Census)Population (2010 census)Population (2015 census)Population density (2004)
1 Lautém Lospalos1,81312,99855,92160,21864,13532.9
2 Baucau Baucau1,50622,659100,326111,484124,06167.2
3 Viqueque Viqueque1,87715,11565,24570,17777,40236.6
4 Manatuto Manatuto1,7828,33836,71943,24645,54121.5
5 Dili Dili36731,575173,541234,331252,884466.5
6 Aileu Aileu7377,74537,92645,51248,55452.0
7 Manufahi Same1,3238,90144,95048,89452,24633.9
8 Liquiçá Liquiçá54911,06354,83463,32973,027101.0
9 Ermera Gleno76821,165103,199114,635127,283138.3
10 Ainaro Ainaro80411,52752,47659,38266,39765.8
11 Bobonaro Maliana1,37618,39783,03489,78798,93260.7
12 Covalima Suai1,20311,82052,81860,06364,55043.1
13 Oecusse (SAR) Pante Macassar81413,65957,46967,73672,23065.5
A clickable map of East Timor exhibiting its 13 administrative municipalities (Borders 2003–2015).
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The borders between Cova Lima and Ainaro and between Baucau and Viqueque were changed in 2003.

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