Mungo Campbell

Mungo Nutter Campbell of Ballimore (1785–1862) was a 19th-century Scottish merchant who served as Lord Provost of Glasgow 1824/26.


He was born around 1785 the eleventh child of Alexander Campbell of Dallingburn (1739–1811) and his wife, Susanna Nutter Campbell (his father's cousin).[1] His father was collector of customs at Port Glasgow.[2]

He entered Glasgow University in 1799 but there is no record of his graduation.

In 1809 following his first marriage, he joined his father-in-law (and uncle)'s firm of John Campbell & Son, West Indies traders. The company reached its peak in 1821, with sugar plantations in the West Indies and Demerara.[3]

In 1811 he inherited his father's estate at Dellingburn. In 1813 he purchased Belvidere as a residence.[4] In 1820 he sold Belvidere and purchased the Ballimore estate on Loch Fyne.[2]

In 1826 he is listed as a merchant living at 5 Blythswood Place and with premises at 35 Buchanan Street.[5]

In Glasgow Town Council he served as Dean of Guild 1823/24 and Lord Provost 1824 to 1826.

In 1834 he received large compensation (over £50,000) for the loss of slaves (following the abolition of slavery in UK colonies) in British Guyana where he owned the Endeavour, Johanna, Enterprise, Annandale and Perth plantations.[6]

In 1850 he was living at 12 Moore Place in Glasgow.[7]

He died at Ballimore House on 26 July 1862.[6]


He married his cousin, Helen Campbell, daughter of John Campbell of Morristoun (1735–1808), in Liverpool in 1809.[8] They had three daughters.

His first daughter, Marion Helen Campbell (1810–1855) married John Macpherson-Grant, 2nd Baronet of Ballindalloch.[9]

He secondly, in 1824, married Anne Amelia McLellan (born 1792)

His cousin, Colin Campbell of Colgrain (the "son" of John Campbell & Son) was immensely rich.[3]

Artistic Recognition

He was painted by Sir Henry Raeburn around 1825.[2]


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