The Muiderkring (Muiden Circle) was the name given to a group of figures in the arts and sciences who regularly met at the castle of Muiden near Amsterdam during the later half of the 17th Century, or the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic. The central figure of the Muiderkring was the poet Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft; Constantijn Huygens, Dirck Sweelinck, Vondel, Bredero and the poet sisters Anna Visscher and Maria Tesselschade Visscher were also considered part of the group.[1]

Some of the music connected with the circle was recorded by the Utrecht ensemble Camerata Trajectina in 1994.


  1. Paul Zumthor Daily Life in Rembrandt's Holland 1994 p218 "Hooft once wrote Maria a long letter consisting entirely of mythological allusions, just to inform her that she had left her slippers at his house. But the Muiden circle was something more than a mere symbol of literary preciosity,.."
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