Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard

Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard is a 1939 British comedy-drama film based on the Mrs Pym novels by Nigel Morland. Written by Morland, the film was produced in London at Highbury Studios and was directed by Fred Elles.[1][2] The film provided actress Mary Clare with her only title role.[3] It was also the debut film role for Nigel Patrick.[4] Filming took place in July 1939 with the film released in January 1940.[1]

Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard
Directed byFred Elles
Written byNigel Morland
Highbury Studios
  • Hurley Productions
Distributed byGrand National Pictures
Release date
Running time
65 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The film concerns the investigation of the murders of two people who are members of the same psychic club by Scotland Yard's only female detective Mrs Pym. As well as solving the murders Mrs Pym also has to deal with unhelpful male colleagues and her good-natured but dumb assistant Inspector Shott.[5]

Morland re-used the title for one of his books in 1946.[6]



Monthly Film Bulletin considered the story as ingenious and described Clare as "outstandingly good as the heroine" with a competent supporting cast. [5]


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