Mr. Superinvisible

Mr. Superinvisible (Italian: L'inafferrabile invincibile Mr. Invisibile, also known as Mr. Invisible and The Unseizable Invincible Mr. Invisible) is a 1970 Italian fantasy-comedy film directed by Antonio Margheriti.[3][4][5] The film was released in the United States as the first film of the K-Tel company.

Mr. Superinvisible
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAntonio Margheriti[1]
Music byCarlo Savina[1][2]
CinematographyAlejandro Ulloa[1][2]
Edited byOtello Colangeli[1]
  • Edo Cinematografica
  • Producciones Cinematografica DIA
  • Peter Carsten Produktion[1][2]
Running time
91 minutes
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • West Germany[2]



In a contemporary review, the Monthly Film Bulletin stated that the film adds little innovation already done by films such as The Invisible Man (1933).[2] The review noted "flaccid direction" and an "uninventive" script.[2] The film did praise the special effects as "competently handled" while "tiresome dubbing detracts from hardworking performances"[2]


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