Mr. Men

Mr. Men is a series of children's books by English author Roger Hargreaves commencing in 1971. From 1981, an accompanying series of Little Miss books by the same author, but with female characters were published. A similar series of animal characters known as Timbuctoo started in 1978. After Hargreaves's death in 1988, his son Adam Hargreaves began writing and illustrating new Mr. Men and Little Miss stories like Mr. Good, Mr. Cool, Mr. Rude, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Bad and Little Miss Whoops.

Mr. Men Little Miss™
Little Miss Chatterbox, 1984

AuthorRoger Hargreaves
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreChildren's literature
No. of books(List of books)

Each book in the original Mr. Men and Little Miss series introduced a different title character and his/her single dominant personality trait to convey a simple moral lesson. The Mr. Men and Little Miss characters frequently reappeared in other characters' books. As of 2015, a total of 85 Mr. Men and Little Miss characters had been featured in the series.[1] The books' simple stories, with brightly coloured, boldly drawn illustrations, made them very popular, with sales of over 100 million worldwide across 28 countries.[2]


Roger Hargreaves

The first six Mr. Men books were published in United Kingdom in 1971, priced at 20p each. Mr. Tickle was the first Mr. Men character created by Hargreaves, inspired by his son, Adam, who had asked him what a tickle looked like. Hargreaves responded with a round, orange figure with long, bendy arms.

Over the course of the 1970s Roger Hargreaves produced 38 more Mr. Men in addition to Mr. Tickle, as well as producing a number of other Mr. Men books. In the 1980s Roger Hargreaves began the Little Miss series with 'Little Miss Bossy' and he produced 21 characters and books. As well as this two special Mr. Men stories were created in 1985 'Mr. Nobody' and 'Mr. Christmas'. Both of these have been rereleased in later years. Roger Hargreaves died in 1988 and his son Adam was to take over the franchise.

When these books were released in the United States, several terms were changed to their American terms.

French Mr. Men and Little Miss

In France, illustrator Colette David and writers Viviane Cohen and Evelyne Lallemand produced a number of new characters that were not released anywhere else in the world.[3] The characters 'Mr. Crosspatch', 'Mr. No', 'Little Miss Yes', 'Little Miss All-Goes-Well', 'Little Miss Loud', 'Little Miss Careful', 'Little Miss Brilliant', 'Little Miss Busy-Body', 'Little Miss Vain', 'Little Miss Prim', and 'Little Miss Selfish' were only released in France and Greece whereas four Mr. Men characters and nine Little Miss characters were also published in English and can be seen listed below as being released in 1990.

Adam Hargreaves

After his father's death, Adam Hargreaves took over the Mr. Men. He now draws the characters and writes new stories for them.

A competition was held in the British Sunday Times newspaper for children to submit their own Mr. Men character for inclusion in a limited edition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the series. Mr. Cheeky, submitted by then eight-year-old Gemma Almond, was selected as the winning entry. Gemma's creation led to a book featuring her character being published; it was sold only in W H Smith branches, with a portion of the proceeds going to a charity supporting children with leukaemia.

In 2003 Adam created three new Mr. Men characters and three new Little Miss characters. He also created 'Little Miss Christmas' to accompany 'Mr. Christmas' after this book was rereleased with new illustrations.

In April 2004, Hargreaves' widow Christine sold the rights to the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters to UK entertainment group Chorion for £28 million.[4] In 2006, to celebrate 35 years of Mr. Men and 25 years of Little Miss, Mr. Birthday and Little Miss Birthday were published. In October 2006, Adam Hargreaves created the first Little Miss character based on a real person, Stella McCartney, which he named Little Miss Stella. This was published as a limited edition of 1,000 copies for use as fashion show invitations.[5]

In February 2011, 20th Century Fox and 21 Laps Entertainment announced plans for an animated film.[6]

In 2011, Sanrio, the Japanese design company best known as the creators of Hello Kitty, announced that they had reached an agreement to acquire the rights to the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters from Chorion after the company was forced into administration.[7] This marked the first time that Sanrio had licensed a third-party character since owning the rights to Osamu Tezuka's Unico character in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which was returned to Tezuka Productions after Tezuka's death in 1989. Sanrio had also acquired the license to produce Peanuts merchandise for the Japanese market. In 2016, four new characters were launched to celebrate the series' 45th anniversary, Mr. Marvellous, Mr. Adventurer, Little Miss Fabulous and Little Miss Sparkle. In addition, Adam Hargreaves has created several commercial characters such as Mr. Glug for Evian water and Mr. First for money transfer company World First. In 2017, Adam Hargreaves launched a new series of books featuring characters from the BBC science fiction series, Doctor Who, with each book focusing on a different incarnation of the show's titular character.


Each book contains a title page, 16 to 18 text pages and 15 to 17 colour illustrations drawn with a Magic Marker.[8] Where the name of the title Mr. Men character is too long to fit on the cover horizontally, instead of being in a reduced font size it curves down at the end. The typeface for the original books from Little Miss Bossy to Little Miss Star is Univers, with the books from Little Miss Busy to Little Miss Somersault using Helvetica. All the other books in the series use Optima. The books are paperback with dimensions of 14 cm x 12.6 cm. If all the books of each series are put together in order the words 'My Mr. Men library' or 'My Little Miss library' can be read across the spines and an illustration of Walter the Worm (Mr. Men) or a flower (Little Miss) can be seen.


The stories are set in a fictional universe called "Misterland", which is inhabited by the Mr. Men and Little Misses themselves, as well as some ordinary human characters such as shopkeepers, doctors and postmen. There are also various animals and Walter the Worm appears frequently.[9] The characters are human in their behaviours and attributes.

Product range

There are 80 licensees selling Mr. Men and Little Miss products, including:

  • A Mr. Men Colorforms Playset
  • Beanies / Plush Toys
  • Catch-It-All Wipe Clean Bib
  • Little Miss and Mr. Men Dominos
  • Little Miss and Mr. Men T-shirts
  • Mr. Bump Make-a-Match Game
  • Mr. Bump Plasters
  • Mr. Cool Bags
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  • Mr. Men 4-in-a-Row Game
  • Mr. Men & Little Miss: Little Miss Helpful Gel Pack
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  • Mr. Men Mobile Products by Airborne Mobile
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  • Mr. Men Puzzle Clock
  • Mr. Men Snakes and Ladders
  • Mr. Men Switchplate Switch Plate
  • Mr. Messy Baby Bibs
  • The Mr. Men Show
  • Which Little Miss Are You? Game

List of books

The following is a list of the book titles with year of first publication and associated ISBNs given in parenthesis. There are many more titles published as translations including works in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Icelandic, Hebrew, Mandarin, Korean, Irish and others.

"Mr. Men" series

  • Mr. Tickle (August 1971) (ISBN 0-8539-6003-8) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5090-0)
  • Mr. Greedy (August 1971) (ISBN 0-8539-6000-3) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5084-6)
  • Mr. Happy (August 1971) (ISBN 0-8539-6001-1) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5091-9)
  • Mr. Nosey (August 1971) (ISBN 0-8539-6002-X) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5085-4)
  • Mr. Sneeze (August 1971) (ISBN 0-8539-6004-6) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5086-2)
  • Mr. Bump (August 1971) (ISBN 0-8539-6005-4) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5083-8)
  • Mr. Snow (November 1971) (ISBN 0-8539-6008-9) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5093-5)
  • Mr. Messy (August 1972) (ISBN 0-8539-6017-8) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5081-1)
  • Mr. Topsy-Turvy (August 1972) (ISBN 0-8539-6018-6) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5092-7)
  • Mr. Silly (August 1972) (ISBN 0-8539-6019-4) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5082-X)
  • Mr. Uppity (August 1972) (ISBN 0-8539-6020-8) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5087-0)
  • Mr. Small (August 1972) (ISBN 0-8539-6021-6) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5088-9)
  • Mr. Daydream (August 1972) (ISBN 0-8539-6022-4) (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5089-7)
  • Mr. Forgetful (January 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5040-4)
  • Mr. Jelly (January 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5041-2), also published as Mr. Nervous)
  • Mr. Noisy (January 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5042-0)
  • Mr. Lazy (January 1976)(ISBN 0-8598-5043-9)
  • Mr. Funny (January 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5044-7)
  • Mr. Mean (January 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5045-5), also published as Mr. Stingy)
  • Mr. Chatterbox (January 1976)(ISBN 0-8598-5046-3)
  • Mr. Fussy (April 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5047-1)
  • Mr. Bounce (April 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5048-X)
  • Mr. Muddle (April 1976)(ISBN 0-8598-5049-8)
  • Mr. Dizzy (April 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5050-1)
  • Mr. Impossible (April 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5051-X)
  • Mr. Strong (April 1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5052-8)
  • Mr. Grumpy (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5094-3)
  • Mr. Clumsy (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5095-1)
  • Mr. Quiet (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5097-8)
  • Mr. Rush (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5098-6)
  • Mr. Tall (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5099-4)
  • Mr. Worry (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5100-1)
  • Mr. Nonsense (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5101-X)
  • Mr. Wrong (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5102-8)
  • Mr. Skinny (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5103-6)
  • Mr. Mischief (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5104-4)
  • Mr. Clever (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5105-2)
  • Mr. Busy (March 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5106-0)
  • Mr. Slow (October 1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5096-X)
  • Mr. Christmas (1984) (ISBN 0-8598-5220-2)
  • Mr. Brave (1990)
  • Mr. Grumble (May 1990)
  • Mr. Perfect (May 1990)
  • Mr. Cheerful (May 1990)
  • Mr. Cool (April 2003)
  • Mr. Rude (April 2003)
  • Mr. Good (September 2003)
  • Mr. Nobody (1985/March 2010)
  • Mr. Christmas (2002)
  • Mr. Birthday (2006)
  • Mr. Mo (2013)[10]
  • Mr. Marvelous (2016)
  • Mr. Adventure (2017)

"Little Miss" series

Special Editions

  • The Mr. Men on Holiday (1976)(ISBN 0-8598-5055-2)
  • The Mr. Men Christmas (1976) (ISBN 0-8598-5056-0
  • The Mr. Men Sports Day (1977) (ISBN 0-8598-5064-1)
  • My Very Own Mr Men Book (1977) (ISBN 0-8598-5066-8)
  • The Mr. Men Cookbook (1977) (ISBN 0-8598-5069-2)
  • My Mr Men Counting Book (1978) (ISBN 0-8598-5110-9)
  • Mr. Nobody (1985)
  • Mr. Cheeky (2001, ISBN 0-7498-5457-X) (Competition winner)
  • Little Miss Jealous (2006) (Competition winner)
  • Little Miss Stella (Limited Edition in conjunction with Stella McCartney)
  • Mr. Funny's Red Nose Day (2009, ISBN 978-1-4052-4456-5)
  • You and the Silly Birthday (2011, ISBN 978-1-4052-6262-0) (Personalised book exclusively at Egmont)[11]

Mr. Men & Little Miss (Celebrations)

  • Mr. Birthday (2006, ISBN 978-1-4052-3499-3)
  • Little Miss Birthday (2006, ISBN 978-1-4052-3498-6)
  • Mr. Men Birthday Party (2016)
  • Mr. Christmas (1st Ed. 1984)(2nd Ed. 2002, ISBN 978-1-4052-3501-3)
  • Little Miss Christmas (2005, ISBN 978-1-4052-3500-6)
  • Mr. Men: A Christmas Carol (2007, ISBN 978-1-4052-4048-2)
  • Mr. Men: The Night Before Christmas (2008, ISBN 978-1-4052-4194-6)
  • Mr. Men: 12 Days of Christmas (2009, ISBN 978-1-4052-4840-2)
  • Mr. Men: A Christmas Pantomime (2010, ISBN 978-1-4052-5428-1)
  • Mr. Men: A White Christmas (2010, ISBN 978-1-4052-5975-0)
  • Mr. Men: Meet Father Christmas (2012, ISBN 978-1-4052-6283-5)
  • Mr. Men: The Christmas Tree (September 2013)
  • Mr. Men: The Christmas Party (August 2014)
  • Mr. Men All Aboard for Christmas (2016)
  • Little Miss Princess and the Very Special Party (2012, ISBN 978-1-4052-6460-0)
  • Mr. Men: Sports Day (May 2012)
  • Mr. Tickle and the Scary Halloween (September 2013)
  • Mr. Men: The Big Match (March 2014)
  • Mr. Men and the Tooth Fairy (August 2014)
  • Mr. Men: Trip to the Moon (August 2014)
  • Little Miss Splendid and the Beast (December 2014)
  • Mr. Mischief and the Leprechaun (January 2015)
  • Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt (February 2015)
  • Mr. Men The Rugby Match (July 2015)
  • Mr. Noisy and the Silent Night (September 2015)

"Mr. Men" New Library

  • Mr. Bump Loses His Memory (2006, ISBN 1-84422-986-6)
  • Mr. Funny Upsets Mr. Fussy (2006, ISBN 1-84422-987-4)
  • Mr. Greedy is Helpfully Heavy (2006, ISBN 1-84422-988-2)
  • Mr. Happy Finds a Hobby (2006, ISBN 1-84422-984-X)
  • Mr. Mischief a Spot of Trouble (2006, ISBN 1-84422-992-0)
  • Mr. Messy Messing About in the Snow (2006, ISBN 1-84422-993-9)
  • Mr. Nosey and the Big Surprise (2006, ISBN 1-84422-991-2)
  • Mr. Silly Gets the Giggles (2006, ISBN 1-84422-985-8)
  • Mr. Small a Big Day Out (2006, ISBN 1-84422-962-9)
  • Mr. Strong and the Flood (2006, ISBN 1-84422-989-0)
  • Mr. Tickle in a Tangle (2006, ISBN 1-84422-983-1)
  • Mr. Topsy-Turvy the Round Way Wrong (2006, ISBN 1-84422-990-4)

"Little Miss" New Library

  • Little Miss Bossy and the Magic Word (2006, ISBN 1-84422-966-1)
  • Little Miss Contrary All in a Muddle (2006, ISBN 1-84422-973-4)
  • Little Miss Dotty Has a Dotty Day Out (2006, ISBN 1-84422-969-6)
  • Little Miss Helpful and the Green House (March 2006, ISBN 1-84422-970-X)
  • Little Miss Naughty Worries Mr. Worry (2006, ISBN 1-84422-968-8)
  • Little Miss Neat and the Last Leaf (2006, ISBN 1-84422-967-X)
  • Little Miss Scatterbrain Sets Off for the Sun (2006, ISBN 1-84422-965-3)
  • Little Miss Splendid and the House With a View (2006, ISBN 1-84422-971-8)
  • Little Miss Stubborn and the Wrong Advice (2006, ISBN 1-84422-972-6)
  • Little Miss Sunshine Keeps Her Smile (2006, ISBN 1-84422-963-7)
  • Little Miss Tiny Just the Right Size (2006, ISBN 1-84422-974-2)
  • Little Miss Trouble Moving House (2006, ISBN 1-84422-964-5)

Egmont published 2014 (based on 1995 TV series episodes)

  • Mr. Greedy Comes Round for Lunch
  • Mr. Nosey and the Excellent Idea
  • Mr. Nonsense Isn't Himself
  • Mr. Noisy the Musician
  • Little Miss Giggles and the New Job
  • Little Miss Tiny's Big Adventure
  • Little Miss Trouble Changes Colour
  • Little Miss Somersault Goes Bump
  • Mr. Mean's Good Deed
  • Mr. Tickle Saves the Day
  • Mr. Jelly and His Small Friend
  • Mr. Slow Rolls On
  • Little Miss Sunshine Cheers Everyone Up
  • Little Miss Scatterbrain Causes Chaos
  • Little Miss Helpful at the Fair
  • Little Miss Stubborn and the Unexpected Holiday
  • Mr. Silly and the Silly Secret
  • Mr. Strong Looks for a Job
  • Mr. Bump Goes on Holiday
  • Mr. Chatterbox's Parrot
  • Little Miss Neat Cleans Up
  • Little Miss Shy and the Lion
  • Little Miss Magic to the Rescue
  • Mr. Muddle's Good Catch
  • Mr. Tall and the Big Surprise
  • Mr. Small's Big Dream
  • Mr. Mischief the Artist
  • Little Miss Lucky's Friend
  • Little Miss Bossy Saves the Zoo
  • Little Miss Splendid and the Present
  • Little Miss Contrary and the Confused Guest
  • Mr. Clever Flies a Kite
  • Mr. Worry's Christmas
  • Little Miss Late Takes Her Time
  • Little Miss Wise's Winning Walk

Mr. Men (Adventures)

  • Mr. Men Adventures Sticker Activity Book
  • Mr. Men Adventures in Egypt
  • Mr. Men Adventures with Dinosaurs
  • Mr. Men Adventures with Knights
  • Mr. Men Adventures with Pirates
  • Mr. Men Adventures with Wheels
  • Mr. Men Adventures in the Jungle
  • Mr. Men Adventures Under the Sea
  • Mr. Men Adventures in Space
  • Mr. Men Adventures in Magicland
  • Mr. Men Adventures with Superheroes
  • Mr. Men Adventures in Ice Age
  • Mr. Men Adventures with Mini Beasts
  • Mr. Men Adventures with Monsters

Mr. Men & Little Miss (Everyday)

  • Mr. Men at Bedtime
  • Mr. Men at the Park
  • Mr. Men at the Zoo
  • Mr. Men on Holiday
  • Mr. Men on the Farm
  • Mr. Men A Rainy Day
  • Mr. Men Ballet Show (featuring Little Miss Whoops)
  • Mr. Men Go to the Doctor
  • Mr. Men in London
  • Mr. Men Making Music
  • Mr. Men New Pet
  • Mr. Men Go Swimming
  • Mr. Men Go Camping
  • Mr. Men at School
  • Mr. Men Go Cycling

Mr. Men & Little Miss (Magic)

  • Little Miss Chatterbox and the Frog Prince
  • Little Miss Lucky and the Naughty Pixies
  • Little Miss Naughty and the Good Fairy
  • Little Miss Princess and the Pea
  • Little Miss Shy and the Fairy Godmother
  • Little Miss Splendid and the Princess
  • Little Miss Stubborn and the Unicorn
  • Little Miss Sunshine and the Three Bears
  • Little Miss Sunshine and the Wicked Witch
  • Little Miss Trouble and the Mermaid
  • Mr. Bump and the Knight
  • Mr. Funny and the Magic Lamp
  • Mr. Greedy and the Gingerbread Man
  • Mr. Happy and the Wizard
  • Mr. Jelly and the Pirates
  • Mr. Noisy and the Giant
  • Mr. Nosey and the Beanstalk
  • Mr. Strong and the Ogre
  • Mr. Tickle and the Dragon
  • The Three Little Misses and the Big Bad Wolf

Promotional editions (free with L'Oreal Kids shampoo)

  • Little Miss Sunshine and the Splendid Hair Day (2002, ISBN 0-7498-5553-3)
  • Mr. Daydream and the Big Splash (2003, ISBN 1-4052-0661-6)
  • Little Miss Chatterbox and the Burst Strawberry (2003, ISBN 1-4052-0662-4)

"Be My" series

  • Be My Little Miss Sunshine
  • Be My Mr. Happy

Little Owl

These stories were published as Little Owl Storytime – The Children's Choice.

  • What's Going On (By Mr. Nosey) (1985, ISBN 0-7498-0099-2)
  • Me And My Tummy (By Mr. Greedy) (1985, ISBN 0-7498-0100-X)
  • I Just Can't Help It (By Mr. Tickle) (1985, ISBN 0-7498-0102-6)
  • Bump Saturday (By Mr. Bump) (1985, ISBN 0-7498-0101-8)
  • I'm Only Little (By Mr. Small) (1985)

Word Books

  • Mr. Greedy Goes Shopping (1979) (ISBN 0-8598-5115-X)
  • Mr. Happy at the Seaside (1979) (ISBN 0-8598-5116-8)
  • Mr. Silly on the Farm (1979) (ISBN 0-8598-5117-6)
  • Mr. Tickle in the Park (1979) (ISBN 0-8598-5118-4)
  • Mr. Strong to the Rescue (1980) (ISBN 0-8598-5172-9
  • Mr. Muddle Goes to School (1980) (ISBN 0-8598-5173-7
  • Mr. Funny at the Circus (1980) (ISBN 0-8598-5174-5
  • Mr. Nosey Follows His Nose (1980) (ISBN 0-8598-5175-3

String Books

  • Mr. Clever: The Impossible Ring (1986)
  • Mr. Nosey: Follow that Lead (1986)
  • Mr. Strong: Tug of War (1986)


  • Mr. Bump's Guide to DIY (2000, ISBN 0-7498-4892-8)
  • Mr. Lazy's Guide to Fitness (2000, ISBN 0-7498-4891-X)
  • Mr. Mean's Guide to Management (2000, ISBN 0-7498-4893-6)
  • Little Miss Chatterbox's Guide to Text Messages (2001, ISBN 0-7497-4791-9)
  • Little Miss Naughty's Guide To Love (2001, ISBN 0-7497-4792-7)
  • Little Miss Trouble's Guide to Men (2002, ISBN 1-4052-0191-6)
  • Little Miss Chatterbox's Guide to Gossip (2003, ISBN 1-4052-0754-X)
  • Mr. Greedy's Guide to Food
  • Mr. Messy's Guide to Student Life
  • Mr. Tickle's Guide to Women (2002, ISBN 1-4052-0192-4)


  • Little Miss Naughty's Naughty Tricks (2001, ISBN 0-7498-4771-9)
  • Mr. Happy's Smiley Day (2001, ISBN 0-7498-4579-1)

"Start to" series

  • Mr. Men: Start to Read, released 5 July 2004, ISBN 0-603-56130-6
  • Mr. Men: Start to Write, released 5 July 2004, ISBN 0-603-56139-X

Board books

  • My Mr. Funny Board Book (2001, ISBN 0-603-56022-9)
  • My Mr. Greedy Board Book (2001, ISBN 0-603-56026-1)
  • My Mr. Happy Board Book (2001, ISBN 0-603-56025-3)
  • My Mr. Nosey Board Book (2001, ISBN 0-603-56024-5)


  • the Mr. Men abc (1978, Thurman Publishing)
  • Mr. Men & Little Miss: Bumper Activity Book (2002, ISBN 0-7214-8439-5)
  • Mr. Men & Little Miss: Colouring Book (2002, ISBN 0-7214-8436-0)
  • Mr. Men & Little Miss: Fun & Games (2002, ISBN 0-7214-8440-9)
  • Mr. Men & Little Miss: Picture Dictionary
  • Mr. Men & Little Miss: Stencil Activity Book
  • Mr. Men & Little Miss: The Adventure's of Mr. Tickle
  • Mr. Men Story Treasury
  • Walter the Worm (2018)

Mr. Men for Grown-Ups

  • Mr. Greedy Eats Clean to Get Lean (2017)
  • Mr. Happy and the Office Party (2017)
  • Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood (2017)
  • Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating (2017)
  • Mr. Grumpy’s Nails Fatherhood (2018)
  • Little Miss Lucky is Getting Married (2018)

TV series

Original TV series (1974–78)

The Mr. Men characters were adapted into two animated television series in 1974 that consisted a total of 28 episodes.[12] They were produced by Terry Ward's company, Flicks Films (formerly known as 101 Film Productions) in partnership with Trevor Bond[13] and broadcast by the BBC. The voices and narration were provided by Arthur Lowe, best known from his role as Captain Mainwaring in the sitcom Dad's Army, who used regional accents for some of the characters.[13] The musical theme was composed by Tony Hymas.[14]

The 28 episodes were:

Series 1

  • Mr. Happy
  • Mr. Silly
  • Mr. Jelly
  • Mr. Snow
  • Mr. Bounce
  • Mr. Forgetful
  • Mr. Funny
  • Mr. Bump
  • Mr. Tickle
  • Mr. Small
  • Mr. Messy
  • Mr. Greedy
  • Mr. Sneeze

Series 2

  • Mr. Strong
  • Mr. Daydream
  • Mr. Fussy
  • Mr. Worry
  • Mr. Uppity
  • Mr. Dizzy
  • Mr. Topsy-Turvy
  • Mr. Muddle
  • Mr. Mean
  • Mr. Nosey
  • Mr. Chatterbox
  • Mr. Noisy
  • Mr. Impossible
  • Mr. Lazy
  • Mr. Grumpy

Little Miss TV series

During 1983, a further series featuring the Little Miss characters was produced by Flicks Films. This was narrated by husband and wife John Alderton and Pauline Collins. The 13 Little Miss episodes were:

  • Little Miss Splendid
  • Little Miss Late
  • Little Miss Plump
  • Little Miss Helpful
  • Little Miss Tiny
  • Little Miss Bossy
  • Little Miss Naughty
  • Little Miss Trouble
  • Little Miss Magic
  • Little Miss Neat
  • Little Miss Scatterbrain
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Little Miss Shy

When the episodes were first broadcast, they were paired with reruns of the 1974 Mr. Men series, the theme music and background music of said reruns were changed and rewritten to match the style of the Little Miss theme music. This was the first Mr. Men based series to air in the United States, getting 2 VHS releases from Warner Home Video.

Mr. Men and Little Miss (1995–97)

Another series, Mr. Men and Little Miss, was produced by Marina Productions in 1995 and originally aired on British and Irish television from 1995 to 1997; these stories were narrated by Geoffrey Palmer aired on Nick Jr. and Channel 5's Milkshake! in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In 2014 fifty of the stories from this series were released as books.

In 1996 the series was localised in the United States and Canada as The Mr. Men Show, this series incorporated live action segments as well as 3 episodes from the original series redubbed with Canadian voice actors. This version lasted only 1 season.

The Mr. Men Show (2008)

In 2006, Renegade Animation produced a series, The Mr. Men Show, a new American animated series which debuted on the Cartoon Network (US) and on Channel 5's Milkshake! (UK) programme in February 2008. There were only 25 characters featured in the first season, and most had their names or appearances altered. The Mr. Men Show was written and produced by Eryk Casemiro and Kate Boutilier, and directed by Mark Risley. The creative team was a combined effort of personnel from Nickelodeon's Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, and As Told by Ginger. The opening and closing narration was voiced by actor Simon Callow in the UK version and Joseph J. Terry in the US version.

UK video and DVD releases

VHS video title Year of release Episodes
Mr. Happy and Friends May 1995 Mr. Happy, Mr. Silly, Mr. Jelly, Mr. Snow, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Funny
Mr. Bump and Friends May 1995 Mr. Bump, Mr. Impossible, Mr. Daydream, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Small, Mr. Messy, Mr. Greedy
Mr. Topsy-Turvy and Friends May 1995 Mr. Topsy-Turvy, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Mean, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Chatterbox
Mr. Strong and Friends May 1995 Mr. Strong, Mr. Sneeze, Mr. Fussy, Mr. Worry, Mr. Uppity, Mr. Dizzy, Mr. Grumpy
Mr. Greedy August 2003 Mr. Greedy, Mr. Fussy, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Dizzy
Mr. Tickle August 2003 Mr. Tickle, Mr. Uppity, Mr. Snow, Mr. Sneeze
Mr. Funny August 2003 Mr. Funny, Mr. Jelly, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Daydream
Mr. Happy August 2003 Mr. Happy, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Messy, Mr. Forgetful
Mr. Nosey August 2003 Mr. Nosey, Mr. Small, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Impossible
Mr. Strong August 2003 Mr. Strong, Mr. Topsy-Turvy, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Mean
Mr. Bump August 2003 Mr. Bump, Mr. Worry, Mr. Chatterbox, Mr. Silly
Mr. Men – Series One August 2003 Mr. Happy, Mr. Silly, Mr. Jelly, Mr. Snow, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Funny, Mr. Bump, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Small, Mr. Messy, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Sneeze
Mr. Men – Series Two August 2003 Mr. Strong, Mr. Daydream, Mr. Fussy, Mr. Worry, Mr. Uppity, Mr. Dizzy, Mr. Topsy-Turvy, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Mean, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Chatterbox, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Impossible, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Grumpy
Mr. Men – Complete Original Series August 2003 Mr. Happy, Mr. Silly, Mr. Jelly, Mr. Snow, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Funny, Mr. Bump, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Small, Mr. Messy, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Sneeze, Mr. Strong, Mr. Daydream, Mr. Fussy, Mr. Worry, Mr. Uppity, Mr. Dizzy, Mr. Topsy-Turvy, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Mean, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Chatterbox, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Impossible, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Grumpy
Little Miss Splendid August 2003 Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Late, Little Miss Plump, Little Miss Helpful
Little Miss Tiny August 2003 Little Miss Tiny, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Trouble
Little Miss Magic August 2003 Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Neat, Little Miss Scatterbrain, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Shy
Little Miss – Complete Original Series October 2003 Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Late, Little Miss Plump, Little Miss Helpful, Little Miss Tiny, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Trouble, Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Neat, Little Miss Scatterbrain, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Shy


In February 2011, it was reported that 20th Century Fox Animation was developing an animated feature film based on the Mr. Men book series, with Shawn Levy producing the film through his company 21 Laps Entertainment.[2] On 27 January 2015, Fox Animation confirmed that it had acquired the film rights to the Mr. Men Little Miss characters.[1]


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