Mr. Len

Mr. Len (Leonard "Lenny" Smythe) is a hip hop DJ born in the Bronx, New York. He grew up in Hillside, NJ. He was a member, with Bigg Jus and El-P, of the underground hip hop trio Company Flow, which disbanded in the late 1990s.[1] His debut full-length, released on Matador Records in 2001, included guest spots by Jean Grae, Chubb Rock, and Mr. Live.[2] Later he formed a group with Kimani Rogers from The Masterminds named Roosevelt Franklin. He also collaborated with Handsome Boy Modeling School member Prince Paul to produce the faux-doo wop group The Dix.


Mr. Len

  • Pity the Fool: Experiments in therapy behind the mask of music while handing out dummy smacks (Matador Records, 2001)
  • Class X, A Tribute to Company Flow (Smacks Records, 2004)
  • Beats and Things, Vol. 1 (Smacks Records, 2004)
  • The Marvels of Yestermorrow (W.A.R. Media, 2013)
  • This Morning (Matador Records, 1999)
  • What the Fuck/Straight (Matador, 2000)

Company Flow

Roosevelt Franklin

  • Something's Got to Give (Third Earth Music, 2003)

The Dix

  • The Art of Picking Up Women (Smacks Records, 2005)

Production/Album Appearances

  • Armand Van Helden, “Rock Da Spot”, 2 Future 4 U, Armed Records - 1999
  • Roger Sanchez, “Buffalo Gals Stampede [S-Man's Spicy Buffalo Wings Dub]” Maximum House & Garage, EMI Int’l - 1999
  • Bill Laswell/Material, "This Morning" feat. Juggaknots, Intonarumori, Palm Pictures Audio - 1999
  • The Masterminds, “The Fast Way”, Live From Area 51: The Extraterrestrial Project, Exodus Entertainment - 1999
  • Twigy, Seven Dimensions Remix LP (Japanese Release), 2000
  • MC Paul Barman, "School Anthem", It's Very Stimulating, Wordsound - 2000
  • DJ Krush "Vision Of Art" feat. Company Flow/Scratches by Mr. Len, Zen, Red Int / Red Ink - 2001
  • Princess Superstar, "Trouble", Is, Rapster - 2002
  • Jean Grae, "What Would I Do" and "Knock", Attack of the Attacking Things, Third Earth Music - 2002
  • Prince Paul, “Ralph Nader” skit, Politics of the Business, Razor & Tie - 2003
  • Indelible MCs (El-P, J-Treds, Juggaknots), "Weight", Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1, Priority Records - 1999, Re-released 2004
  • Jedi Mind Tricks, "Words from Mr. Len 1 & 2", Violent By Design, Landspeed - 2000, Re-released 2004
  • Mass Influence, "Analyze" (Single), Boulevard/Nonstop - 2000
  • Various Artists, “Hip Hop for Respect” (Single), Rawkus Records - 2000
  • Murs, "Take Yo Ass to the Store" (Single), Smacks Records - 2003
  • Mr. Dead feat. Sayyid (Anti-Pop), "Dynamic Tension" (Single) 2005


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