Mr. Hex

Mr. Hex is a 1946 film starring the comedy team of The Bowery Boys. It is the fifth film in the series.

Mr. Hex
Directed byWilliam Beaudine
Produced byJan Grippo
Cy Endfield
Written byJan Grippo (story)
Cy Endfield
StarringLeo Gorcey
Huntz Hall
Bobby Jordan
William Benedict
Gabriel Dell
Music byEdward J. Kay
CinematographyJames S. Brown, Jr.
Edited byRichard Currier
Distributed byMonogram Pictures
Release date
  • November 9, 1946 (1946-11-09)
Running time
63 minutes


The boys are trying to raise money for their friend Gloria. She has to give up her aspiring singing career in order to stay home and take care of her sick mother. Slip comes up with the idea to hypnotize Sach into thinking he is an unbeatable fighter so that they can enter him into a contest to win $2,500. Meanwhile, Gabe brokers a deal with a crooked nightclub owner to give Gloria the big break she has been waiting for. The nightclub owner then hires a ringer to fight Sach as well as his own hypnotist to counter Slip's control over Sach in order to collect a fortune from everyone who has bet on Sach.

The resulting match has Sach going back and forth from being hypnotized to being aware of reality. In the end Gabe gets shot trying to expose the crooked nightclub owner and wins Gloria's heart. Slip then decides to hypnotize Sach again in order to make him into a wrestler.


  • This is the first film in which Sach is given a last name (Sullivan), however it isn't the familiar name used in latter films of the series (Jones).


The Bowery Boys

Remaining cast

Home media

Warner Archives released the film on made-to-order DVD in the United States as part of "The Bowery Boys, Volume Four" on August 26, 2014.

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