Mr. Hercules Against Karate

Mr. Hercules Against Karate/Ming, ragazzi! is a 1973 Italian comedy Kung fu film directed by Antonio Margheriti that was filmed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Bangkok.[2] Produced by Carlo Ponti, the film features Bud Spencer and Terence Hill impersonators Roberto Terracina and Fernando Arrien in a satire of the Kung-fu craze.[3]

Mr. Hercules Against Karate
Directed byAntonio Margheriti
Produced byCarlo Ponti
Screenplay by
  • Gianni Simonelli
  • Antonio Margheriti[1]
Story by
Music byCarlo Savina
CinematographyLuciano Trasatti[1]
Edited byMario Morra[1]
Laser Film[1]
Distributed byUnited Artists
Release date
  • 1973 (1973)
Running time
104 minutes[1]


The film is about Danny (Roberto Terracina) and Percy (Fernando Arrien) who are fired from an oil rig in Australia when Percy accidentally destroys it. They retreat to a Chinese restaurant where they meet the owner Wang who offers them $100,000 if they return his son Henshu who has been taken by Henshu's stepmother and her boyfriend, a kung fu master. The two agree and fly to Hong Kong.


Tom Milne (Monthly Film Bulletin) gave the film a negative review, lamenting that one or two shots such as the carnival dragon in a dark alley "remind one that Margheriti has had his moments in the past as a minor-league Bava".[1] Milne concluded that the film was "a dim carbon copy, studded with travelogue views and making heavy weather of its aimless roughhouse fights."[1]


  • Alberto Terracina ... Danny / Dino (billed as Tom Scott)
  • Fernando Bilbao ... Percy / Parsifal (billed as Fred Harris)
  • Jolina Collins ... Ai-Lan (billed as Jolina Mitchell)
  • Chai Lee ... Lee-Ping
  • George Wang ... Ming
  • Sue Chang ... Sue
  • Luciano Pigozzi ... Chief of Police (billed as Alan Collins)


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