Mouth Maze Cave

Mouth Maze Cave is a large, labyrinthine river cave in Trelawny, Jamaica. It is the only exit of the Mouth River from a small valley which, during intense rainfall, becomes flooded as the flow backs up.[1] Because of this it can only safely be visited in very dry periods.[1]

Mouth Maze Cave
LocationTrelawny, Jamaica
Coordinates18°18′30″N 77°34′29″W[1]
Depth10 metres (33 ft)[2]
Length3,118 metres (10,230 ft)[2]
List of
Main 18.308°N 77.574°W / 18.308; -77.574
Lighthole18.309°N 77.576°W / 18.309; -77.576
HazardsFlood risk. Labyrinth.

Natural history

The cave contains many invertebrates including, post hurricane Ivan, a termite nest.[1]

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