Mourning Noise

Mourning Noise was an American horror- and hardcore punk band from Lodi, New Jersey, notable for drummer Steve Zing. Active around the time of the Misfits, Mourning Noise were strongly influenced by the Misfits as drummer Steve Zing lived very close to Jerry Only and Doyle's house and Steve went to high school with Doyle. Their music was typically fast and melodic. Mourning Noise released only a small amount of material, typically as 7" singles, apart from the 1998 collection album Death Trip Delivery. Steve later went on to play for Samhain, Son of Sam, The Undead, Chyna, Doomtree, and later, Danzig.

Samhain guitarist Damien was briefly a member of the band.[1]


Original Lineup

  • Mike Mansfield - Vocals
  • Chris Morance - Bass
  • Tommy Koprowski - Guitar
  • Jon carcich - guitar
  • Steve Zing - Drums



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