Mount Zeil

Mount Zeil (1,531 m or 5,023 ft) is a mountain in the Northern Territory of Australia located in the locality of Mount Zeil in the western MacDonnell Ranges.[2][1] It is the highest peak in the Northern Territory, and the highest peak on the Australian mainland west of the Great Dividing Range.[2]

Mount Zeil
Mount Zeil viewed from the south
Highest point
Elevation1,531 m (5,023 ft)AHD
Coordinates23°24′06″S 132°23′45″E[1]
Mount Zeil
Location of Mount Zeil in the
Northern Territory
LocationMount Zeil, Northern Territory,[1] Australia
Parent rangeMacDonnell Ranges


It is believed that Mount Zeil was named during or following Ernest Giles '1872 expedition, probably after Count Karl von Waldburg-Zeil (1841–1890), who had recently distinguished himself with geographic explorations in Spitzbergen; a footnote in Giles' published journal implies that the naming was instigated by his benefactor, Baron Ferdinand von Mueller.[1]

Aboriginal naming

The indigenous name for Mount Zeil in the Western Arrernte language is Urlatherrke, referring to the Yeperenye caterpillars.[3]

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