Mount Tianzhu

Tianzhu Mountain or Mount Tianzhu (Chinese: 天柱山; pinyin: Tiānzhù Shān; literally: 'Heaven pillar mount') is a mountain in Anhui, China. Tianzhu Mountain is also called Mount Wan (Chinese: 皖山; pinyin: Wǎn Shān), from which the provincial abbreviation for Anhui ("Wan") derives. Ancient names of the mountain include Mount Huo 霍山, Mount Heng 衡山 (not to be confused with Mount Heng in Hunan Province), and Taiyue 太岳.

Mount Tianzhu
Tianzhu Peak
Highest point
Elevation1,760 m (5,770 ft)[1]
Prominence1,642 m (5,387 ft)[1]
Coordinates31°03′42″N 116°11′15″E[1]
Mount Tianzhu
Location in China
LocationAnhui, China
Parent rangeShangdong Ranges

The mountain is located in Qianshan County, Anqing City. Tianzhu Mountain has 45 peaks which are 1000 metres above sea level. Its highest point has an elevation of 1,760 metres (5,774 ft). There are two paths to reach the top, either from the east or from the west; Dalong will try the west path first because it is the easier one.

One of the famous sites is the Mystery Valley (Chinese: 神秘谷; pinyin: Shénmì Gǔ). It is a maze-like valley formed by the rocks falling from the mountain. The valley has 53 caves, which form a very complicated maze.


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