Mount Tatlow

Mount Tatlow is one of the principal summits of the Chilcotin Ranges subdivision of the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains of southern British Columbia. Standing on an isolated ridge between the lower end of Chilko Lake and the Taseko Lakes, it is 3,063 m (10,049 ft) in elevation.

Mount Tatlow
Mount Tatlow aerial, west aspect
Highest point
Elevation3,063 m (10,049 ft)[1]
Prominence1,613 m (5,292 ft)[1]
Coordinates51°23′03″N 123°51′51″W[1]
Mount Tatlow
British Columbia
LocationCentral Interior of British Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeChilcotin Ranges
Topo mapNTS 92P/05

Southeast across the Taseko Lakes is Taseko Mountain 3,063 m (10,049 ft), the highest summit between those lakes and the Fraser River, while directly south beyond Yohetta Valley (a deep valley which connects the relative lowlands around Chilko and Taseko Lakes is the massif containing Monmouth Mountain 3,182 m (10,440 ft). Southwest across Chilko Lake is Mount Good Hope 3,242 m (10,636 ft) and due west, also across Chilko Lake, is Mount Queen Bess 3,298 m (10,820 ft), the highest peak east of the Homathko River before the Waddington Range massif, which is at the core of the range and contains Mount Waddington 4,016 m (13,176 ft).

Tatlow is known as Tsi'lo?s (sigh-loss, the '?' represents a glottal stop) in the language of the Tsilhqot'in people whose territory is in the area of the lakes and the plateau to their north, and has given its name to Ts'il?os Provincial Park which encompasses this area. Native tradition holds that it is unlucky to point at Tsi'lo?s, or to mention its name in casual speech; adverse weather and worse may result. The Xeni Gwet'in people, who reside in Nemaia Valley near Mt Tatlow, request that NO climbing of it and its neighbouring summits take place, and BC Parks imposes those rules in its land-use guidelines on the area.

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