Mount Maroon

Mount Maroon is a mountain in South East Queensland that is part of the McPherson Range. The mountain rises to 966 m (3,169 ft) above sea level about 12 km west of Rathdowney.

Mount Maroon
Mount Maroon
Highest point
Elevation966 m (3,169 ft)
Coordinates28°12′59″S 152°43′59″E
Mount Maroon
Parent rangeMcPherson Range

The original indigenous name for the mountain is Wahlmoorum which means sand goanna in the Yuggera language.[1] Another aboriginal name documented for the mountain is Dahl-moor-uhn, which means "big fellow waterhole bunyip" attributed to two small yet deep lagoons, on the summit of the mountain.[2] The earliest photograph of the lagoons are from 1910.[3] The current name for the mountain comes from the first grazing property in the area called Maroon.[4]

Mount Maroon consists mainly of rhyolite and has its geological origins in the cooling of molten rock beneath the surface.[1]

The mountain was first gazetted in 1938 as Mount Maroon National Park.[4] In 1950, Mount Barney National Park was extended to include Mount Maroon and nearby Mount May.[5] The mountain contains areas of montane heath vegetation, rocky pavement and mallee ash shrublands.[1][5]

Three rock climbers had to be rescued from the mountain in 2002.[6] In early 2008 a bull mastiff named Diff made headlines when it slipped over a ledge and had to be rescued via helicopter.[7] The dog, which was not permitted to be in the national park, led rescuers (by its barking) to two men who were stranded on a steep cliff ledge when trying to rescue the dog.

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