Motorsports Hall of Fame of America

The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America (MSHFA) is the nation’s primary motorsports hall of fame. It was incorporated in 1986 as an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by civic leaders of the City of Novi, Michigan. Its inaugural Induction Ceremony was held in 1989. Ron Watson was its founding President and continues to serve in that capacity. It is the only hall of fame that annually honors the full spectrum of American motorsports, with categories for Open Wheel, Stock Cars, Powerboats, Drag Racing, Motorcycles, Sports Cars, Aviation, At Large and Historic. Periodic recognition is given to specialty categories including Off Road, Speed Records, Business and Technology. Its annual Induction Ceremony is attended by notables throughout the motorsports community and is reported on widely.

The mission of the MSHFA is to “further the American core values of leadership, creativity, originality, teamwork and spirit of competition embodied in motorsports.”[1] The MSHFA is operated by the nonprofit Motorsports Museum and Hall of Fame of America Foundation Inc.


Induction Process

Eligibility for induction is extended to "any person who has driven, piloted, owned, designed, built, supported, maintained, prepared or promoted motorized vehicles in pursuit of speed, distance or other records." An inductee must either be retired for at least three years, or engaged in the top level for their area of motorsports for at least 20 years. Induction is limited to United States citizens, or non-citizens who have recorded significant motorsports achievements in the U.S.

Induction is decided by a straight vote among 200 racing experts: historians, experienced journalists, category experts and existing inductees. The voting process is overseen by certified accountants.

Every year there are two rounds of voting. The first is conducted among a 100-voter nominating committee to determine the six finalists in each category. The second, open to all 200 voters, decides that year’s inductee in each category. Each inductee receives the Hall of Fame’s prestigious “Horsepower” award — an original bronze statuette by renowned Ann Arbor, Michigan sculptor Michael Curtis. Curtis sculptures have been presented both to and by United States Presidents .

The inaugural Motorsports Hall of Fame of America class in 1989 featured Cannon Ball Baker (Motorcycles), James Doolittle (Aviation), A. J. Foyt (Open Wheel), Don Garlits (Drag Racing), Phil Hill (Sports Cars), Bill Muncey (Powerboats), Barney Oldfield (Historic) and Richard Petty (Stock Cars).

Induction Ceremony

The annual Induction Ceremony is the MSHFA’s premier event and takes place every March in Daytona Beach, Florida. The event incorporates motorsports legends past and present, just as it features new inductees on the main stage. Traditionally, each inductee is presented for induction by another prominent figure in the motorsports community. In 2019, multi-time champions Jimmie Johnson, Jack Beckman, Don Prudhomme and Scott Dixon, Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles, former American Suzuki Vice President Mel Harris and automotive designer Peter Brock took the stage and presented Tony Stewart, Don Schumacher, Linda Vaughn, Dario Franchitti, Augie Duesenberg, Kevin Schwantz and Phil Remington respectively for induction at the black-tie ceremony.

The two-day induction experience includes several other events as well, including the Heroes of Horsepower reception held in the MSHFA museum the night before the black-tie ceremony at which the new inductees unveil their permanent Hall of Fame sculptures. Additionally, the Heritage Luncheon spotlights the induction of the honorees in the Historic category. The Inductee Breakfast allows the incoming class and returning Hall of Famers to open up in a lively Q&A session. Admission to all events event is open to the public via tickets purchased in advance.


The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America museum on the grounds of Daytona International Speedway welcomes more than 100,000 visitors[2] per year. The museum was originally located in Novi, MI, birthplace of the famous Novi Special Indianapolis 500 racecars. It later moved to the Detroit Science Center before relocating to Daytona Beach. [3][4] The museum is housed within the Ticket and Tours Building at Daytona International Speedway. Admission is open daily as part of regular speedway tours.

On display are vehicles and artifacts related to the Hall of Fame’s inductees and achievements. Examples include historic racing vehicles, memorabilia, informational displays and plaques honoring the MSHFA’s more than 250 inductees. There are also two movie theaters featuring motorsports content.


The MSHFA also serves as a research organization, with a network of experts on motorsports topics. It fields a broad range of questions on motorsports topics from journalists, historians, researchers and individuals.


The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America’s Induction Ceremony has been attended by major names in the motorsports world throughout its history. Recent Honorary chairmen have included Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey, 1978 Formula 1 World Champion Mario Andretti and 2004 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kurt Busch. Autoweek said of the 2019 induction, “Emceed by the best in the business, broadcaster, former driver and 2009 inductee David Hobbs... it was arguably the smoothest, best-run ceremony in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America’s history.”[5] The announcements of each new class of inductees are covered by TV outlets, magazines and websites, including ESPN, Forbes, INDYCAR, Autoweek, and Racer.

Other publications such as Autocar and Car and Driver have lauded the museum and its exhibits as an enthusiast destination.


J. C. Agajanian[6]At Large1992
Bobby AllisonStock Cars1992
Donnie Allison[7]Stock Cars2011
Joe AmatoDrag Racing2004
Mario AndrettiOpen Wheel1990+
Michael AndrettiOpen Wheel2008
Art ArfonsAt Large1991
Dale Armstrong[8]Drag Racing2010
Buck BakerStock Cars1998
Buddy BakerStock Cars2008
Cannonball BakerMotorcycles1989
Ole BardahlPower Boats2014
Raymond BeadleDrag Racing2014
Derek Bell[9]Sports Cars2012
Kenny Bernstein[10]Drag Racing2009
Tony BettenhausenOpen Wheel1997
George BignottiAt Large1993
John BishopSports Cars2014
Keith BlackDrag Racing1995
Bob BondurantSports Cars2003
Neil Bonnett[9]Stock Cars2012
Geoff BrabhamSports Cars2004
Everett Brashear[11]Motorcycles2016
Clint BrawnerAt Large1998
Craig BreedloveAt Large1993
Jimmy BryanOpen Wheel1999
John Buttera[12]Drag Racing2018
Red ByronHistoric2020
Malcolm CampbellAt Large1994
Bill CantrellPower Boats1992
Ricky Carmichael[13]Motorcycles2015
Tom CarnegieAt Large2006+
Chris CarrMotorcycles2020
Colin ChapmanAt Large1997
Dean ChenowethPower Boats1991
Gaston ChevroletHistoric2002
Louis ChevroletHistoric1995
Richard Childress[11]Stock Cars2016
Joie Chitwood[8]Historic2010
Art ChrismanDrag Racing1997
Jim ClarkOpen Wheel1990
Cook ClelandAir Racing2000
Floyd ClymerAt Large2020
Jacqueline CochranAir Racing1993
Sid Collins[7]At Large2011
Betty CookPower Boats1996
Earl CooperHistoric2001
Briggs CunninghamSports Cars1997
Glenn CurtissAir Racing1990
Wally Dallenbach Sr.Open Wheel2020
Jimmy DavisMotorcycles1997
Tom D'EathPower Boats2000
Roger DeCosterMotorcycles1994
Ralph DePalmaHistoric1992
Pete DePaoloHistoric1995
Mark DonohueSports Cars1990
Ed DonovanDrag Racing2003
Jimmy DoolittleAir Racing1989
Pop Dreyer[9]Historic2012
Augie DuesenbergHistoric2019
Fred DuesenbergHistoric1997
Amelia EarhartAir Racing1992
Dale EarnhardtStock Cars2002+
Chris EconomakiAt Large1994
Vic Edelbrock[9]At Large2012
Bill ElliottStock Cars2007+
Walker Evans[13]At Large2015
Bill FalckAir Racing1994
John FitchSports Cars2007
Emerson FittipaldiOpen Wheel2001
Tim FlockStock Cars1999
Carl FisherHistoric2018
George FollmerSports Cars1999
Elliott Forbes-RobinsonSports Cars2006
John ForceDrag Racing2008
Henry FordHistoric1996
Danny FosterPower Boats2005
A. J. FoytOpen Wheel1989+
Bill France, Jr.Stock Cars2004+
Bill France, Sr.Stock Cars1990
Dario FranchittiOpen Wheel2019
Gary Gabelich[11]At Large2016
Chip Ganassi[11]Open Wheel2016
Don GarlitsDrag Racing1989
Richie GintherSports Cars2008
Shav GlickAt Large2004
Bob GliddenDrag Racing1994+
Paul GoldsmithStock Cars2008
Jeff GordonStock Cars2018
Ricky GrahamMotorcycles2014
Andy GranatelliAt Large2001
Darryl GreenamyerAir Racing1997
Peter H. GreggSports Cars2000
Masten GregorySports Cars2013
Dan GurneySports Cars1991
Jim HallSports Cars1994
Chip HanauerPower Boats1995+
Sam HanksOpen Wheel2000
Bob HannahMotorcycles2000
Ray HarrounHistoric2000
C. J. "Pappy" HartDrag Racing1999
Hurley HaywoodSports Cars2005+
Rick HendrickStock Cars2020
Eddie HillDrag Racing2002
Phil HillSports Cars1989
Tommy HinnershitzHistoric2003
David HobbsSports Cars2009
Al HolbertSports Cars1993
John HolmanAt Large2005
Ted HornOpen Wheel1993
Howard HughesAviation2018
Tony HulmanAt Large1991
Denis HulmeSports Cars1998
Jacky IckxSports Cars2020
Tommy IvoDrag Racing2005
Ned JarrettStock Cars1997
Bill JenkinsDrag Racing1996
Gordon JohncockOpen Wheel2002
Junior JohnsonStock Cars1991+
Ricky Johnson[9]Motorcycles2012
Warren Johnson[13]Drag Racing2015
Parnelli JonesAt Large1992
Ted JonesPower Boats2003
Connie KalittaDrag Racing1992
Chris KaramesinesDrag Racing2006
Tommy Kendall[13]Sports Cars2015
Mel KenyonOpen Wheel2003
Carl KiekhaeferPower Boats1998
Steve KinserOpen Wheel2017
Dick KlamfothMotorcycles2017
Alan Kulwicki[8]Stock Cars2010
Frank KurtisAt Large1999
Terry LabonteStock Cars2017
Brad LackeyMotorcycles2013
Eddie LawsonMotorcycles2002
Joe LeonardMotorcycles1991
Tony LeVierAir Racing2001
Bernie LittlePower Boats1994
Frank LockhartHistoric1999
Fred LorenzenStock Cars2001
Tiny LundHistoric2020
Arie LuyendykOpen Wheel2014
Dick MannMotorcycles1993
Nigel MansellOpen Wheel2006
Paul MantzAir Racing2002
Bart MarkelMotorcycles1999
Mark Martin[13]Stock Cars2015
Rex MaysHistoric1995
Roger McCluskey[7]Open Wheel2011
Ed McCulloch[7]Drag Racing2011
Tom McEwenDrag Racing2001
Jim McGeeHistoric2007
Jeremy McGrath[8]Motorcycles2010
Hershel McGriffStock Cars2006
Bruce McLarenSports Cars1995
Dave McLelland[11]Drag Racing2016
Rick MearsOpen Wheel1998
Leo MehlHistoric2007
Fred MerkelMotorcycles2018
Louis MeyerHistoric1993
Ken MilesSports Cars2001
Harry A. MillerHistoric1999
Tommy MiltonHistoric1998
George MontgomeryDrag Racing2020
Ralph MoodyAt Large2005
Shirley MuldowneyDrag Racing1990
Bill MunceyPower Boats1989
James Anthony MurphyHistoric1998
Paula MurphyDrag Racing2017
Ron MussonPower Boats1993
Duke Nalon[13]Historic2015
Don NicholsonDrag Racing1998
Gary NixonMotorcycles2003
Bob NordskogPower Boats1997
Fred OffenhauserAt Large2002
Barney OldfieldAt Large1989
Danny OngaisDrag Racing2000
Augie Pabst[7]Sports Cars2011
Scott ParkerMotorcycles2009
Wally ParksDrag Racing1993
Benny ParsonsStock Cars2005
Johnnie ParsonsHistoric2004
U. E. (Pat) PatrickOpen Wheel2018
David PearsonStock Cars1993
Bruce Penhall[7]Motorcycles2011
Roger PenskeAt Large1995
Joe PetraliMotorcycles1992
Lee PettyStock Cars1996
Richard PettyStock Cars1989+
Ed Pink[9]Drag Racing2012
Sam Posey[11]Sports Cars2016
Don PrudhommeDrag Racing1991
Scott PruettSports Cars2017+
Bobby RahalOpen Wheel2004
Wayne RaineyMotorcycles2008
Jim RathmannOpen Wheel2007
Brian RedmanSports Cars2002
Phil RemingtonSports Cars2019
Carroll ResweberMotorcycles1998
Peter RevsonSports Cars1996
Les RichterAt Large2009
Eddie RickenbackerHistoric1994
Fireball RobertsStock Cars1995
Kenny RobertsMotorcycles1990
Mauri RoseHistoric1996
Lloyd Ruby[13]Open Wheel2015
Johnny RutherfordOpen Wheel1996
Troy RuttmanHistoric2005
Don SchumacherDrag Racing2019
Kevin SchwantzMotorcycles2019
Bill SeeboldPower Boats1999
Wilbur ShawHistoric1991
Carroll ShelbySports Cars1992
Lyle SheltonAir Racing1999
Bill SimpsonAt Large2003
Betty SkeltonAt Large2008
Mira SlovakPower Boats2001
Malcolm SmithMotorcycles1996
Tom SnevaOpen Wheel2005
Freddie SpencerMotorcycles2001
Jay SpringsteenMotorcycles2005
Ken Squier[8]At Large2010
Ivan StewartOff Road2020
Tony StewartStock Cars2019
Danny Sullivan[9]Open Wheel2012
Bob Sweikert[11]Historic2016
Marshall TeagueHistoric2014
Herb ThomasHistoric2017
Mickey ThompsonAt Large1990
Jerry Titus[8]Sports Cars2010
Bob TulliusSports Cars2018
Curtis TurnerStock Cars2006
Roscoe TurnerAir Racing1991
Bobby UnserOpen Wheel1994
Al UnserOpen Wheel1991
Al Unser, Jr.Open Wheel2009
Linda Vaughn[14]At Large2019
Don VescoMotorcycles2004
Rich Vogler[8]Midgets2010
Bill VukovichOpen Wheel1992
Rusty WallaceStock Cars2014
Darrell WaltripStock Cars2003
Jeff WardMotorcycles2006
Rodger WardOpen Wheel1995
A.J. WatsonAt Large1996
Joe WeatherlyHistoric2009
Humpy WheelerStock Cars2009
Ed Winfield[7]Historic2011
Steve WittmanAir Racing1998
Wood BrothersStock Cars2000
Gar WoodPower Boats1990
Cale YarboroughStock Cars1994
Brock YatesAt Large2017
Smokey YunickAt Large2000

+ Person inducted under special rule. Usually, an inductee must have been retired for at least three years in their field. However, inductees may also have been engaged at the top level of his or her area of motorsports for at least 20 years, and if that is the case, the retirement rule is waived.

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