Motorcycle Gang (1957 film)

Motorcycle Gang is a 1957 film which is a semi-remake of Dragstrip Girl. It was released by American International Pictures as a double feature with Sorority Girl.[2]

Motorcycle Gang
Directed byEdward L. Cahn
Produced byAlex Gordon
Written byLou Rusoff
StarringJohn Ashley
Music byAlbert Glasser
Golden State Productions
Distributed byAmerican International Pictures (US)
Anglo-Amalgamated (UK)
Release date
  • October 22, 1957 (1957-10-22)
Running time
79 minutes
CountryUnited States



The film was announced in March 1957. Lance Fuller was going to star.[3]

Filming was held up when star John Ashley was drafted into the army. It was shot during two weeks when he was on leave after basic training.[4]

The cast also included former Our Gang star Carl Switzer.[5]


The Los Angeles Times called it "commendably free of unhealthy sensationalism... tells its unpretentious little moral simply enough."[6]

The Monthly Film Bulletin said the film "without being positively vicious... has its fair share of violence and unpleasantness."[7]


Film director John Carpenter listed the movie as one of his guilty pleasures. "Good guy teen Steve Terrell vs. cool bad guy teen John Ashley on motorcycles. Anne Neyland has some trouble deciding between them. Carl (Alfalfa) Switzer is the comic relief. Russ Bender tries to help testosterone-fueled teens go straight and narrow. Very cool."[8]

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