Mother and Son (1931 film)

Mother and Son is a 1931 talking Pre code film directed by John P. McCarthy and starring screen veteran Clara Kimball Young. It was distributed by Monogram Pictures.[1][2][3]

Mother and Son
Directed byJohn P. McCarthy
Paul Malvern
Produced byTrem Carr
Written byWellyn Totman
StarringClara Kimball Young
CinematographyArchie Stout
Edited byLen Wheeler
Distributed byMonogram Pictures
Release date
August 1, 1931
Running time
60 minutes


  • Clara Kimball Young - Faro Lil Payton
  • Bruce Warren - Jeff Payton
  • John Elliot - Mr. Winfield
  • Mildred Golden - Maureen Winfield
  • Gordon De Main - Joe Connors (*as G. D. Wood
  • Ernest Hilliard - Jameson
  • Si Jenks - Faro Dealer (*as Steamboat Simon Curran)
  • Thomas A. Curran - A Broker
  • Cheyenne Mussellman - A Barber


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