Mortacci is a 1989 Italian dark comedy film directed by Sergio Citti.[1][2][3]

Directed bySergio Citti
Produced byGioanfranco Piccioli
Giorgio Leopardi
Written byDavid Grieco
Vincenzo Cerami
Ottavio Jemma
Sergio Citti
StarringVittorio Gassman
Malcolm McDowell
Mariangela Melato
Sergio Rubini
Music byFrancesco De Masi
CinematographyCristiano Pogany
Edited byUgo De Rossi
Release date
Running time
110 min

Plot summary

In a small town cemetery, the deceased every night host a meeting. They are doomed not to enter the next stage of the afterlife, till the last living human who remembers them passes away. Through the recollection of their lives and deaths, the different characters are introduced: Alma, a theater actress (Carol Alt) who witnesses every night the futile attempt of her ex lover (Malcolm McDowell) to commit suicide over her grave; Angelo, a womanizer (Andy Luotto) who died out of shame; Felice and Giggetto, two beggars (Eraldo Turra and Luciano Manzalini) who soon leave the group as the last woman (Mariangela Melato) who remembers them dies while visiting their grave. The narration is interrupted by the arrival of Lucillo (Sergio Rubini), a soldier who was presumed dead in a military mission in Lebanon and who is forced by his fellow villagers to die for real, as they built a huge business on his hero status and fame. The cemetery warden Domenico (Vittorio Gassman) supervises all the operations, from opening the gates to stealing valuables from the dead, without knowing that the deceased see him and everything that happens in the small cemetery.



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