Moon Boot

Moon Boot is a snow boot brand first created as après-ski wear in the early 1970s by manufacturer Tecnica Group of Giavera del Montello in Italy.[1] They became a popular fad in the years following the Apollo 11 moon landing, and resurfaced as a retrofuturistic fashion trend in the early 2000s.[2][3] They received additional exposure through the nerdy protagonist of the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite.[2][4] Starting in 2011 they have been produced in Ukraine, at the rate of some 700,000 per year.[1]

The boot is constructed with a thin rubber outsole and cellular rubber midsole covered by nylon fabrics and using polyurethane foams. Company founder Giancarlo Zanatta, after watching the lunar landing and being inspired by the shape and technology of the astronauts' boots, drew sketches and then began to design and develop the original Moon Boot. Tecnica registered worldwide the trademark Moon Boot name in 1978.


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