Monty Works the Wires

Monty Works the Wires is a 1921 British silent comedy film directed by Manning Haynes and Challis Sanderson and starring Haynes, Mildred Evelyn and Eva Westlake.[1]

Monty Works the Wires
Directed byManning Haynes
Produced byGeorge Redman
Written byManning Haynes
Lydia Hayward
StarringManning Haynes
Mildred Evelyn
Eva Westlake
Artistic Pictures
Distributed byArtistic Pictures
Release date
June 1921
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles


  • H. Manning Haynes as The Man
  • Mildred Evelyn as The Girl
  • Eva Westlake as The Auntie
  • Charles Ashton as The Brother-in-Law
  • Gladys Hamer as The Maid
  • Thomas Canning as The Doctor


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