Montrose Jonas Moses

Montrose Jonas Moses (September 2, 1878 – March 29, 1934) was an American author, born in New York, where he graduated from the City College in 1899.

In the main, his compositions were directed towards children's literature; however, he composed some books for adults, as well. Between 1900 and 1910 he was connected editorially with, or was a contributor to, various periodicals: the Literary Digest, the Reader, the Independent, the Book News Monthly. Besides editing the Green Room Book and the Anglo-American Dramatic Register and making some translations from the French, he wrote: Famous Actor Families in America (1906); Children's Books and Reading (1907); Henrik Ibsen (1908); The Literature of the South (1909); The American Dramatist (1911); Maurice Maeterlinck: A Study (1911). He edited Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856–1911 (1920).

Moses was a friend of Harry Houdini.[1]


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