Montenegrin Olympic Committee

The Montenegrin Olympic Committee (Montenegrin: Црногорски олимпијски комитет / Crnogorski olimpijski komitet) is the National Olympic Committee representing Montenegro. It is responsible for promoting the Olympic ideals and for ensuring that Montenegro is represented with athletes at the Olympic Games and other multi-sport events. The committee's president, as of January 2008, is Dušan Simonović.

Montenegrin Olympic Committee
Montenegrin Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region Montenegro
HeadquartersPodgorica, Montenegro
PresidentDušan Sinomović
Secretary GeneralBožidar Vuksanović

Members of the committee are 20 sports federations, which elect the Executive Council composed of the president and sixteen members.

The MOC organizes the 2019 Games of the Small States of Europe in Budva.


The Montenegrin Olympic Committee was founded in 2006 after Montenegrin independence referendum and recognized by the IOC in 2007.

List of presidents

Dušan Sinomović 2008-present

Executive committee

  • President: Dušan Sinomović
  • Vice presidents: Zorica Kovačević, Andrija Popović
  • Members: Veselin Barović, Božidar Vuksanović, Momir Đurđevac, Branko Jovanović, Dragan Kopitović, Džemal Ljušković, Vesna Medenica, Boro Mračević, Vanja Mugoša, Cvetko Pajković, Bojana Popović, Dimitrije Rašović, Jovica Rečević, Dragan Samardžić

Member federations

The Montenegrin National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 19 Olympic Summer and one Winter Sport Federations in Montenegro.

National FederationSummer or WinterHeadquarters
Montenegro Archery AssociationSummerPodgorica
Athletic Federation of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Basketball Federation of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Montenegro Boxing AssociationSummerPodgorica
Football Association of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Gymnastics Federation of MontenegroSummerBudva
Handball Federation of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Montenegro Judo FederationSummerPodgorica
Montenegro Karate FederationSummerPodgorica
Mountaineering Association of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Montenegro Sailing FederationSummerHerceg Novi
Shooting Federation of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Montenegro Ski AssociationWinterNikšić
Table Tennis Association of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Taekwondo Association of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Montenegro Tennis AssociationSummerPodgorica
Triathlon Association of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Volleyball Federation of MontenegroSummerPodgorica
Water Polo and Swimming Federation of MontenegroSummerKotor
Wrestling Federation of MontenegroSummerBudva


Since 1999, at the end of each calendar year proclaimed the most successful athletes. Initially declared Young Male Athlete, Young Female Athlete, Men's Team and Woman's Team, awards for the Sportsman of the Year were introduced in 2011. The competition includes results from current Olympic sports.

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