Montecristo (Argentine TV series)

Montecristo: Un Amor, Una Venganza (Monte Cristo: Love and Revenge) is an Argentine telenovela which premiered April 25, 2006 on Telefe.[1] Loosely based on the 1844 Alexandre Dumas novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, Montecristo is Telefe's most popular novela[2] and was called "the hottest telenovela in Argentina" by Variety in 2007.[3]

Un Amor y Una Venganza
From left to right: Laura Sáenz (Paola Krum), Santiago Díaz Herrera (Pablo Echarri) and Marcos Lombardo (Joaquín Furriel)
StarringPablo Echarri
Paola Krum
Opening themeYo Soy Aquel
David Bolzoni
Country of originArgentina
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of episodes145
Original networkTelefe
Original releaseApril 25 
December 27, 2006

Like Dumas' novel, the novela is a tale of revenge, with this version featuring "drug trafficking, kidnapping and military dictatorships."[3] It was directed by Miguel Colom, and stars Pablo Echarri and Paola Krum.[4]

International sales and remakes

More than 40 international markets bought the Telefe-produced series in 2006, and later Telefe sold it to Albania, Bulgaria, Israel, Macedonia, Serbia, the Philippines,[3] and the Ukraine. In addition, Chile, Mexico, Portugal,[2] Russia, and Colombia's Caracol TV produced adaptations, and in February 2007 Telefe sold remake rights to Italy and Spain as well.[3]


The story begins in 1995 as Santiago Díaz Herrera is hurt while fencing with his best friend Marco Lombardo. Marco wants to bring Santiago back to Buenos Aires but his father, Alberto, commands him to leave Santiago in a Moroccan jail, and Santiago is declared dead. Eleven years pass, and in 2006 Santiago returns to Buenos Aires seeking revenge on the Lombardos for their crimes to himself, his father and other people who have stood in their way over the decades.


  • Pablo Echarri as Santiago Díaz Herrera
  • Paola Krum as Laura Ledesma
  • Joaquín Furriel as Marcos Lombardo
  • Viviana Saccone as Victoria Sáenz
  • Virginia Lago as Helena Luján
  • Roberto Carnaghi as Lisandro Donosso
  • Luis Machín as León Rocamora
  • Mónica Scapparone as Lola
  • Celina Font as Milena Salcedo
  • Esteban Pérez as Luciano Mazello
  • Maximiliano Ghione as Ramón Ortega
  • María Onetto as Leticia Monserrat
  • Horacio Roca as Padre Pedro
  • Maria Abadi as Érica Donosso
  • Victoria Rauch as Valentina Lombardo

Other co-stars - Mario Pasik


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