Monte Gorzano

Monte Gorzano is the highest peak in the Monti della Laga, in northern Abruzzo, central Italy. It has an elevation of 2,458 metres (8,064 ft) and is also the highest peak of Lazio. It is located on the boundary with the provinces of Teramo in the Abruzzo region and Rieti in the Lazio region.[1] The source of the Tordino is near Monte Gorzano (Fiumata).[2]

Monte Gorzano
Monte Gorzano
Location in Italy
Highest point
Elevation2,458 m (8,064 ft)
Prominence1,179 m (3,868 ft)
Coordinates42°37′04″N 13°23′47″E
LocationAbruzzo / Abruzzo, Italy
Parent rangeMonti della Laga (central Apennines)

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