Mont'Kiara International School

Mont'Kiara International School (M'KIS or MKIS) is an American international school located in Mont Kiara, in the constituency of Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first students enrolled in M'KIS in 1994, and its first senior class graduated in 2001. The school offers IB courses and the full IB Diploma Program[1]but does not offer the AP program. Mont'Kiara International School was authorized as an IB Primary Years Programmes (PYP)[2] school in 2019 and is currently in the candidacy stages for the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). Located in the suburban Mont Kiara on 6-acre (2.4 ha) of land.


M'KIS contains four major buildings. The Elementary School building (one of the original buildings) houses the Elementary Office and PreK Age 3 to Grade 5 classes. It also houses the Elementary School computer lab and the Library Media Center (LMC)(Renovated in 2018[3]). The Middle School and High School buildings (also one of the original buildings) houses Grades 6 through 12. The Middle School building contains three of the four computer labs, a STEM(New addition in 2017) lab, and a science lab. The High School building contains most of the Middle and High School classes. In the High School building are the MYP Product Design lab, ceramics room, the Middle and High School art room, robotics laboratory, a multipurpose room and three of the four science labs. The Language Department, Admissions Office, Administration Office and theatre are in the fourth building. Also in this building are the language rooms, 2 gymnasiums, fitness room, dance room, canteen, and activities room.

On the M'KIS campus there is also a 25m swimming pool, a regulation-size soccer field, an additional upper field and two courtyards. Computer features include on-campus library services, online commercial services, Internet access and a wireless campus network. Additionally, an Elementary, Middle and High School lab, as well as a library which has open computers from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.[4]


M'KIS hosts the annual Model United Nations conference, MYMUN.[5] It also participates in large high school conferences like KLMUN hosted in Garden International School, THIMUN Singapore and THIMUN Hague. The school is a member of ISAC (International Schools Athletics Conference)[6] and SEASAC (the South East Asia Student Activities Conference). M'KIS has also been the host for several sports tournaments, such as the SEASAC Touch in 2006 and 2009 and tennis in 2008 and 2011.[7]

Interscholastic sports:

  • Aerobics/dance (coed)
  • Aquatics (coed)
  • Baseball (boys, girls)
  • Basketball (B,G)
  • Badminton (B,G)
  • Golf
  • Martial arts (B,G)
  • Touch rugby (G)
  • Football (B,G)
  • Softball (B,G)
  • Swimming (B,G)
  • Tennis (B,G)
  • Track and field (B,G)
  • Volleyball (B,G)
  • Wall climbing (B,G)
  • Cross Country (B,G)

Extra-curricular activities

Service clubs

  • Computers for Malaysia
  • GIN Reach Out
  • MyGo (Malaysian Global Outreach)
  • CIA (Caring Initiative for Animals)
  • Homes for Malaysia (EPIC Homes)
  • HS/MS Helping Hands
  • Green Club
  • Madeleine Children's Fund (MCF)

Other clubs

  • HS/MS Model United Nations
  • Chess Club
  • The Beat (High school newspaper)
  • MS Tech Corps
  • HS Tech Corps

Honor Societies



MKIS is accredited by the International Baccalaureate (IB) and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

International Baccalaureate

MKIS offers the following IB classes:

IB Group 1 subjects:

  • English A1: Language and Literature SL/HL

IB Group 2 subjects:

  • Ab Initio Malay SL
  • Ab Initio Spanish SL
  • French B SL/HL
  • Mandarin B SL/HL
  • Spanish B SL/HL

IB Group 3 subjects:

  • Business and Management SL/HL
  • Economics SL/HL
  • Geography SL/HL
  • History SL/HL
  • Psychology SL/HL

IB Group 4 subjects:

  • Biology SL/HL
  • Chemistry SL/HL
  • Computer Science SL/HL
  • Physics SL/HL

IB Group 5 subjects:

  • Mathematics SL/HL
  • Math Studies SL

IB Group 6 subjects:

  • Dance SL/HL
  • Music SL/HL
  • Theatre Arts SL/HL
  • Visual Arts SL/HL

Student enrolment

  • High School enrolment: 226
  • Middle School enrolment: 236
  • Elementary School enrolment: 555
  • Total enrolment: 1017
  • Average class size: 18 students
  • Student/teacher ratio: 9/1


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  • High School and Middle School extra-curricular programs of MKIS Here

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